Why can't I be loved as what I am--
A wolf among wolves...

As I mentioned in my last entry, I have been so freakin' busy. So busy, in fact, that I've been way more stressed out than I have been in a long time. I've been so stressed out that it's manifested itself in physical symptoms--I've been turning into a monster! I might actually be lycanthropizing.

Speaking of, Sadie has begun to growl. This is how it starts.

The boot in the face, the brute
Brute heart of a brute like you.

We are working on organizing our thoughts on Inglourious Basterds for Boob Tube, but in short: I loved it, I have a raging crush on Daniel Brühl, my raging crush on August Diehl continues unabated. The equivalent of porn to me, below:

It's clear as black and white, like a fat panda.

Don't think the birth of a panda at San Diego Zoo went unnoticed by me. I get alerts from PNN, yo. By the way, since the earthquake, 25 have been born to the Wolong pandas (currently chillin' at Ya'an). Ugh, this guy.

Sydney Ellen Wade: Oh, Andy, a C minus in Women's Studies?
President Andrew Shepherd: Yeah, well, that class wasn't about what I thought it was about.

Mainly I've been busy with starting school, adjusting to a new school, and trying to construct a schedule I can live with. I finally settled it with women's studies, an American lit class, an online anthropology class, and my favorite, a class on the history of film. We'll be watching Un Chien Andalou (of course), so I can't wait to share my favorite story about it. Hit it, Ebert: I am fond of his practical approach to matters. Warned that angry mobs might storm the screen at the Paris premiere of "Un Chien Andalou," he filled his pockets with stones to throw at them.

PS: I am in women's studies because I wrote down the wrong room number and went to women's studies instead of the class I was supposed to be in. I ended up liking it more, though, so I switched.

We have to live without sympathy, don't we? We can't do that forever. One can't stay out of doors all the time. One needs to come in from the cold.

I read The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. What a book! I dreaded anyone asking me what it was about because all I would have been able to offer is an um-studded babble of "It's about this spy, um, who comes in from the cold...." I had no idea how it was all going to go until the last chapters and the ending knocked me flat, much like the last four words of 1984.

The Gonstad girls are all alike!

I've had an overload of family experiences this week. Last Saturday, we had a party for Sadie's first birthday. During, my dad decided that he and my uncle should take a look at my car, because I couldn't open the hood. (I hit a guy, okay?) They got the hood open, forced some things back into place (after gleefully realizing they'd "have" to chain my car to my dad's truck to do so), and checked the various fluids and whatnot, which were all low (because I couldn't open the hood!). Then my uncle declared the previous italicized statement, because one of my cousins apparently recently brushed off her need for an oil change.

We also had a memorial service for my paternal grandfather on Thursday. Most of us, I don't think, realized that it would also be used as an opportunity to remember our paternal grandmother as well (she passed over a decade ago). That was bad enough (no one was able to mention her without choking up), but they played a slideshow, which featured my dad and siblings with afros, my cousin Jana and me as FAT BABIES!!! (tm, key lime pie), and then a horrific trip through the 80s. I am glad I am nearly unrecognizable in those.
+ Stop objectifying me, NPR!

+ I will be going to UAB this fall. Or really, starting next month.

+ I am going to see live Rifftrax next month.

+ I found out something this week that is probably more appropriate for a locked entry, so I'll deal with that shortlyish.

Be back later--I have to hike the Appalachian trail now.
Back when my grandmother was in the nursing home, we'd go to visit and we'd usually have to pass this 104-year-old woman who'd sit in the hallway in her wheelchair. She was always saying all manner of odd things when we passed her. My mother was carrying a honeydew melon one day and the lady said, "I remember when they killed one of those behind the barn." Ohhhkay. Well, one day I was walking by and she said, "That's the one right there. She changes into a wolf." First I was like, that was weird and then I was like, how does she know?!

So today at lunch, my mom busted out the news that our family name was not always Moon. It was shortened from Moonblood. No one who knows why is alive anymore, but I can venture a guess. Moon is an ambiguous surname. Possibly English, possibly mutated French. Moonblood, on the other hand, is totally not. Knowing what I know already about my family history and whatnot, I think the conclusion is obvious.

I'm probably a werewolf.

PS: I did a surname search and found one listing, for a S. Moonblood in LA. I think I actually found myself in the future.
Yesterday I ran some errands and my first was a stop at Fred's to pick up a new can opener, since I ruined the old one in a tragic Spam musubi incident. A man was walking in as I was walking out and so he held the door for me. I thanked him and then he said, among other things, "Any time." I know that's just conversation fluff, but it made me smile to think about this guy following me around everywhere just opening doors for me. Umbrella/drink holders are so first half of the aughts.

Later at the grocery store, I was behind a woman and her young son. The boy asked for some candy, but his mom told him that he already had some of whatever it was at home and plus, it would spoil his dinner. As I was putting my stuff on the belt, I noticed a flavor of Ice Cubes gum I hadn't seen (strawberry smoothie), so I got a box of that. Then, that kid tried to sell me out! "Her got candy," he indignantly told his mother. Hmmph!

It took me a while to get out of the house because I was so exhausted from house-cleaning and rearranging Saturday. We brought my grandmother home so we had to move her into her new room and get everything else straightened up, since we now have a million people coming in and out of the house all day. (Approximately 99.9% ask me, "Hurr durr, did I wake you up?" Nah, I always stumble to the door with one eye open, hair looking like I'm the lost member of Kajagoogoo.]

It's great that she's home now, though. She's back to having her own room again. She had a roommate at the nursing home and she was okay, but I know from dorm rooms and stuff that it's nice to have your own space, control the remote, talk about what you want, etc. My mother and her brother were visiting once and she told him about the time that we heard a godawful racket coming from the woods and then the next day, my mom made me go look around to see what I could find. I found a dead bobcat, but it'd obviously had been dead longer than a night. At that point, the roommate chimed in with a "Ugh, can you shut up? My stomach is upset." My mom was like, "Oh, I'm sorry, [roommate's name]--I should've remembered that." *beat* My uncle: "SO, HOW LONG YOU THINK IT'D BEEN DEAD? WERE THERE MAGGOTS ON IT?"

I've been lazying in between studying for finals, mostly by watching Supernatural from the beginning. I also watched the trailer for this Norwegian movie about Nazi zombies that's playing at Sundance. I think the zombies look great and exponentially creepier than regular zombies--speaking of Supernatural, I was like Dean in the "Yellow Fever" episode when I watched the trailer. That was scary!

LOL, what is going on here? Lost rules, [livejournal.com profile] zooby! You just don't know because you don't watch it. Oh, you've seen every season? Oh...well, you're still wrong. Ron Paul '08!

Today is the vote in [livejournal.com profile] sf_drama for Macro of the Year and I'm having trouble picking. I think I may go with Metallicat, though. Speaking of all things chan, I found this embarrassing moment gripping and emotionally moving.

Other things I've been finding funny reading are Something Awful's Comedy Goldmine and the works of Simon Rich. A commenter at nymag.com said that he looks like Ramona Quimby, which is both hilarious and disturbing. Like that squid with elbows film that was released last month. As documented, I love cephalopods, but watching that video, I had this reaction: "Squid with elbows? Oh, cool--I love squids! So let's just pan down and see how faOH GOD IN HEAVEN WHAT IS THAT." The horror. The horror.

Frankenstein Friday doing a Tom Petty cover. I just want to wrap my legs around them in friendship--is that so wrong?

2) I also love this account of volunteering for/meeting Sen. Obama.

...so yes, the words, the great profound words that I utter to the future president is not, "thank you Senator" or "it's an honor to meet you", no, I say, "can I shake your left hand?" to the future President.

3) I checked out a couple of Improv Everywhere's newest missions and my new favorite is Best Game Ever. "For our latest mission, we turned a little league baseball game in Hermosa Beach, California into a major league event." And it was AWESOME. I may or may not have gotten teary.

4) I am studying for my history exam since it's this afternoon and part of it is on Reconstruction (Non US Americans: the period following the Civil War). One of the related documents is a "Letter From a Freedman to His Old Master." Seems that the "Old Master" wrote Mr. Jourdon Anderson, the author of this letter, asking him if he might want to come back. J. Anderson's response is lovely and well-said. You can see Clay Davis for what would have been my response.

5) I have to get back to studying for my history exam since it's this afternoon, but when I get back from that, I'm going to start scanning some more family photos. In the meantime, here's the first one.

On the right, I have no idea. On the left, my grandfather.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 12:09 pm
So my mother called the other day--something about how Squirt, the rat terrorist terrier, had killed a rat and it was inside my mom's house and could I retrieve it, plzkthnx? I think, Ick. But I trudged up there, because that's my specialty at the property--doing the stuff no one else does.

So I get up there and my mom's like, "It's still alive LOL." It's all lying there in my mom's office and she's got the baby gate up so the dogs won't go in there. I watch it for a few minutes and it's moving but barely. So we decide that my mom, being a big fraidy, will hole up in her bedroom with the Boston terrier and um, the rat terrier will continue to run around outside and ignore us. I will pick the rat up with the shovel and somehow take it outside and down a fifteen-step staircase. I dunno, I wasn't thinking about the particulars.

So my mom holes up and I grab the shovel. No sooner do I lower the shovel over the baby gate than I note that the rat is, how do we say, not there? In fact, it is halfway through a hole in the baby gate. It shot out of the hole and...what followed I will illustrate with (mostly) macros.

Image heavy obvs. )

Then it ran underneath a...thingy (free-standing storage unit dealie) and we haven't seen it since.

Also in there I had this conversation:

My mom: Blah blah, gopher...
Me: It's a rat.
My mom: No, it's a gopher.
Me: It's a rat. A gopher is an entirely different animal.
My mom: Then what's a gopher?
Me: You know, like in Caddyshack?
My mom: No, that's a mole.

It's a gopher!

Aw, writing this made me wish I were at home.
Can I just say that I love Two-A-Days? I could never get interested in Laguna Beach but football? At an Alabama high school? OMG, I'm so there. Coach Propst worked at my high school for two years and of course, I know all the landmarks and whatnot in Birmingham so it's very fun to watch. I could have done without seeing a certain 103.7 DJ but that's okay. Besides that, I love this show! This question from TWoP amused me:

"Did we answer the question about the boys and their hair? They all look the same hair combed over their foreheads. Is it a football team bonding thing or is this popular in the south right now?"

I guess it's a southern thing or at least an Alabama thing because nearly every teenage boy I know does his hair like that.

While I'm on the subject of football, roll tide. And okay...War damn eagle. I guess I have to be magnaninous now that I'm in a "mixed" relationship, as they say down here.

Today we had a surprise birthday party for my dad, since he's turning 50 and a not surprise birthday party for me. My dad's birthday isn't actually until the 20th (and mine is actually Tuesday) but he and my stepmother came up to visit for Labor Day weekend so we all gathered at my aunt and uncle's house. This is the same aunt and uncle whose son was dating my former coworker and I didn't even think until I got there that Duke, the pit bull who used to be theirs and is now his, would be there. He is so big now! I wish I'd brought my camera because he was a widdle puppy the last time I saw him and now he's nearly full-grown. He may already be fully grown but a little scrawny because he had parvo as a pup, though. He's so cute now!

Most of my dad's family was there, like my female college-age cousin who was there with her boyfriend. I suspect that he's the type of guy that I would have liked in college as my cousin is like a mini-rockgeisha in college. Nowadays, though, I'm like, LOL. The boyfriend is not nearly as weird or edgy as he thinks he is. He goes to Alabama so we did the whole what-dorm-do-you-live-in thing and he gave me this annoying knowing look when I said that although I lived in Tutwiler (kind of a sorority feeder hall), I spent a lot of free time at Mallet. I also spent a lot of time on Old Row. I contain multitudes, sucka! (P.S.: The Machine doesn't exist.)

When I went outside with my dad so he could look at my tires (this is a totally normal thing in my family), I was shocked that she hadn't cleaned up her car before she came over. In this family, you always clean out your car before you see your dad!

My sister and I entertained our dad with impressions. She did impressions of his brothers and I did impressions of the horribly untalented, heavily Canadian-accented "actors" in the godawful horror movie I watched Friday--Dark Fields. "Josh, I'm not kidding! Get your hand oat!" It's not on IMDB! It's that bad! [I will soon write more about this in my really needs to be updated horror blog.]

Tomorrow (later today, really), I'm going to Montgomery for my birthday date. I don't know what exactly we're going to do--dinner and something (movie? bowling? batting cage?)--but I'm sure we'll have fun. Especially since my boyfriend is a complete lunatic who called me Thursday night to ask me why I wasn't watching the Mississippi game. Er, because there are three episodes of The Office on? I don't care about Mississippi? He is crazy?

I was thinking about Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner tomorrow. Is it good? Mainly I want to go for the trivia game--we're so competitive about everything anyway that I think it'd be better to focus that energy for good or for awesome. Instead of at each other, like when we almost killed each other during the World Series of Pop Culture.

I'll start work this week. Well, I'm going to meet with my new boss and discuss my marketing plan, so I should really make a new one soon. I'm very excited about all this. I've been feeling lately like life has been boring and I finally feel like I'm going to have adventures again soon. And also a new cell phone. The important things in life.



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