1. Did I ever tell you how I got into massage? It is a very heartwarming story. A friend of mine was thinking about going to school for it and I read her brochure and thought, Well, there's an idea. The end. I've never really felt a calling toward any particular field. I mostly want to dance and hang out. I love American history and the idea of teaching it, but the realities of the American educational system are hard to ignore. I'm not saying that I have eschewed the idea entirely, but just that every time I tell people I'm majoring in history, emphasis American, and they say, "Oh, you're going to teach?"--I'm full. No more for me, thanks--I'm full. However, I think I've found the career that combines many of the things I enjoy, such as putting things right that once went wrong (they're not hiring at the Quantum Leap project, unforch) and raging patriotism (I took the inner nationality quiz on Facebook and I'm secretly an American*). And that is, the Bureau.

Me: I'm going to apply to the Bureau.
My mom: What bureau?
Me: The politburo--I'm going into Russian politics in my time machine.

Or not. I think I'm going to apply to be a G-Lady. I say "think" because I still have to finish school and who knows what number of ideas I'll have by then ("This is too hard. Let's quit and be firemen instead"). As I said, the job--I'll be applying to become a Special Agent--appeals to me on a number of levels, like its insistence on "rigorous obedience to the Constitution" and the chance to use my most unique skill set--the fact that because I'm small and giggly, many people underestimate me. They don't realize how juicy my mind grapes are, such as. Osama bin Laden, I'ma get my mind juice on you! (I am considering entering as a language specialist, specifically Arabic. So if anyone asks, don't tell them about that time at Bible camp.)

2. I've watched some movies lately. I watched S. Darko and...hmm. Maybe if there were no predecessor, I would have liked it better, but as there was a Donnie Darko, it's hard to judge S. Darko on its own merits. The fact that DD creator Richard Kelly had nothing to do with the movie is problematic to say the least. Further, as it's impossible to take in the movie without thinking about the first movie's mythology, the more you think about S. Darko, the less sense it makes. And the ending was just nonsense. Upside: I really liked Daveigh Chase's wardrobe! Sidenote: Is it true that her name is pronounced more like "duvet" ("Duh-Vay" as her wiki entry says) and not like Davey? I don't know how to feel about that.

I also watched the Norwegian horror about Nazi zombies, Død snø. [Below: I don't like this vacation anymore.]

Død snø, which focuses on a group of students on holiday at a ski cabin who inadvertently wake up some nasty spirits, was much better. It's funny, scary, and gross (there's a scene involving something utilized as a rope that I'll bet people will be talking about). It was interesting to me how it was obviously influenced by American movies--as seen in the trailer, one character even quotes, in English, Indiana Jones's "Fortune and glory, kid"--but the way the characters react to certain situations is different, I think, from how they'd react in an American movie. One example: When the random old dude shows up to lecture them on how they're spoiled brats who didn't bother to notice that the territory they're in was a Nazi supply stop, one of the characters can't help but get sarcastic about the possibility of waking up the Nazis who were trapped in an avalanche during their occupation. Random old dude grabs the kid and the rest of his friends suddenly become very interested in their shoes. In an American movie, somebody would have called the old dude an asshole, at least.

That's not to say that the characters are pushovers. It's noteworthy that this is a movie about Norwegians facing off with Nazis--La Résistance gets most of the ink, but Norway had a healthy resistance movement as well. In fact, when they first got their "On the occasion of your being occupied" note from the Third Reich, Norway's response was basically, "Fuck your face." [History pedant: *monocle adjustment* Actually, it was "We will not submit voluntarily; the struggle is already under way."] The progeny of the Norwegian resistance puts up a worthy fight as well. The character Vegard is a notable standout at this--watching him go full survivorman is awesome.

As an aside, imdb lists the following as a goof: One of the zombies...is wearing a white (snow) camouflage jacket. The jacket shows plastic parts (or is completely made out of plastic) which can only be found at modern day jackets. Maybe the zombie took it away from a earlier victim but as all the others wear "original" war gear this is supposed to be a WWII Jacket - and is way too modern. I know that logic is pretty rock-solid, but I don't agree that the jacket is a goof. The jacket doesn't just look a little bit modern--it is totally modern. I was wondering why homes was wearing a hazmat suit when he first walked into frame. He obviously stole that from a victim or the movie's wardrobe department thinks we're morons.

2b. I also watched Fox's Glee and loved it.

3. As I mentioned a few days ago, I went to see Man Man and it was awesome. I'm having trouble finding the right way to describe it (mind grapes are dry), but watching them felt inspirational. When Honus Honus climbed up on something (I couldn't see exactly) and pulled on a lady's beaded top midsong, it was a beautiful thing. I felt like I could go anywhere and do anything. I wanted to go home and paint and write and do. I wanted to go create. I've never felt anything like that when seeing a band before. I've got to see them again.

4. And one last time, thanks again to everyone for their condolences regarding my grandmother. I really am doing okay, but thanks to everyone who just had to make sure.

5. Finally, before I go watch Martyrs so I can feel ways about things with Jess, here is a collection of random things I've been looking at:

MTV's new show Fashion Strip--am I the first to make a "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" joke?

Awkward Family Photos: Oh, man.

It's Lovely! I'll Take It!: Like Cakewrecks, but with real estate listings.

2 Birds, 1 Blog: Few people have the ability to make me laugh like Meg. I tried to read this entry to my mom and sister and couldn't get through it without laughing until I cried.

*“You are highly competitive and highly independent, although you also have an easygoing and spontaneous nature. In order to hide and mitigate just how badly you want to win, you have developed a thick veneer of friendliness — in order to lull your opponents into a false sense of security, yes, but also in order to actually tame your own natural blood lust, and most of the time it even works. Because you are so mobile and ever-changing, your friendships are always in flux, and the people who are your oldest friends may or may not accompany you all the way through life. Probably not.”
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David Rees started writing "Get Your War On," his politically-related comic strip after September 11th. He vowed to stop producing it if Bush lost the 2004 election. That, of course, didn't happen. It started appearing in Rolling Stone in 2003 and each strip was a fresh bit of "I know, right?!" that kept my liberal heart warm. It may or may not have influenced me to add a special note to my living will.

Now with the results of the election, Rees is ending the strip. Here is the last one. Please enjoy the fine quality of that scan from an issue of Rolling Stone that I accidentally dropped in the bathtub. I'm a curator.

What will Rees do now? "I'm thinking about joining the professional shoe-thrower's circuit. I'm a size 11," he tells Rolling Stone. Speaking of dissent, don't miss Shepard Smith's hilarious mocking of the live feed of embattled Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's press conference:

Okay. I understand that it's hot as a crotch outside and there's little water, but seriously. Seriously guys.

natalie dee
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I knew someone had tagged me for a meme but it got lost as I drowned in schoolwork. Now I'm on my break and I found it so here we go.

I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] johnny_stiletto.

1. I tag: [livejournal.com profile] princessdidi, [livejournal.com profile] gannet_guts, [livejournal.com profile] baggylettuce, [livejournal.com profile] whitewatergirl, [livejournal.com profile] stoof, [livejournal.com profile] commieprincess, [livejournal.com profile] kaytethinks and [livejournal.com profile] ladycakes.

2. What is your most guilty pleasure?
Oh, Lord. I've revealed so many secrets in this journal alone that it's hard to think of more...that I'd be willing to reveal. I don't really feel that guilty about most stuff. These are more like dorky pleasures. Like...my tendency to make up songs about anything and everything. It started as a way to pass time during menial tasks and/or waiting and I've just kept doing it. There's no telling what I'll be inspired to sing about in any given day but usually, I make up at least one new song about the dogs every day. These are not grand compositions, mind you--just silly little things that I sing to them. The other one I do frequently is the song I sing when I'm waiting for my dad to pick up on his cell. It's called "Daddy Mobile" and that's as much as I'm going to share.

I also really, really love blind items. I found a goldmine of them during Hell Week and I literally groaned because it was the worst thing for me to see when I was supposed to be studying and writing papers.

3. Have you ever seen someone die?
Not in real life, as far as I know. ("Not irl," meaning I've seen stuff like the Budd Dwyer footage. NB: If you're unfamiliar with him and/or sensitive, I would advise against googling for further information since it may return disturbing images on the main results page. His wiki page is pretty tame, though. Long story short, he committed suicide on live TV.)

4. Are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?
Only occasionally. I know I may look indecisive from the outside looking in, but I just try to make the best possible choices for myself at any given time and sometimes, the times they are a-changing.

5. What was the last book you read for pleasure and would you recommend it?
It's been so long since I've read a book for fun that I had to look it up on allconsuming to see what it was. And it was Twilight! I'd recommend it if you like YA and keep in mind that it's very Mary Sue.

(I'll be writing fanfic under the name shimmerskin.)

6. Favourite Sandwich and side.
Probably the Steakhouse Dip from Quizno's with lots of horseradish. I would prefer pasta salad on the side but they don't have that so I usually get jalapeno chips. And then brush my teeth.

7. If a person you like doesn't feel the same way, would you continue to wait for them to change their feelings?
Can I see other people while I wait? If so, yes. If not, lol no.

8. What is your dream car?
A vehicle that looks like a 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge but with a voice-activated communications and entertainment system inside, as well as an engine that runs on a sustainable, nonpolluting energy source. And cupholders that are deep enough so that my Dr Pepper doesn't fling itself into the back floorboard every time I make a sharp turn, FORD.

Ooh and also, a removeable piece in the driver's headrest so I can wear a ponytail without having to drape it over the headrest so I can sit comfortably.

Or all of that, but with a 1970 Dodge Challenger body (white only, plz).

9. Is there anything that made you unhappy recently?
Besides the obvious family stuff, no, although this was a little disturbing:

OMG cliffhanger )

Bake it at 300 degrees for an hour and that's how you make banana bread.



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