I received my BPAL order yesterday so here are the reviews. One of my free imps was Fire of Love, which I've already reviewed here.

Dracul )

Bad Luck Woman Blues )
I have finished my BPAL reviews (see below) and my posting spree is over for the day. Probably.

Tisiphone )

Queen of Hearts )

Vixen )

Titus Andronicus )

Golden Priapus )

Drink Me )

Madrid )

French Love )

Creepy )
BPAL reviews! I had so many to do that I'm going to split them in half. Here, obviously, is the first half--I've got appointments tomorrow [Saturday] morning and then a date in the afternoon so the second half will come on Sunday when I get back from my date.

Smut )
Midway )
Hungry Ghost Moon )
Queen )
Karma )
So Friday around midnight, I was IMing with the man and having a snack. I went to put my dish in the sink and on my way back I tripped over a loose nail in the door frame I've been meaning to hammer down. And by "tripped," I mean I caught my foot on it.

Cut for the squeamish )

She had the large bandages that I needed and after bandaging it, it wasn't so bad. I couldn't walk well on Saturday, which was annoying since I had a crapload of chores to do but I could do a little at a time. I got some of those nifty Band-Aid® Active-Flex bandages (product placement!!!) and I've been trying to avoid walking and I think it's a lot better.

Saturday I got my W-2 forms from work and after filing my return (my federal one, at least) and finding out that I'm getting back an airline ticket, I was feeling pretty chipper. Then, I got my W-2 forms from Embassy Suites, where I barely remember working. So I got to file an amended return this afternoon and I found out that I'm now getting back $65 less. How is it that I worked more and am getting less? Oh, Lord bless this country--bless it right in its stupid face.

Also Saturday I got my second BPAL order and...disappointment, woe. Specifically I got my bottle of Stardust and two free samples, one of Roadhouse (on my wishlist) and one of Black Rose. My reviews (as always, these are cross-posted to the BPAL.org forum, with occasional changes):

Stardust )

Black Rose )

Roadhouse )

I bought Fire of Love from [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda, which is one of the voodoo blends I want to try (and have just ordered), and of course, I'll share my thoughts on those when they get here.

I'm going to go eat and try running on my gimpy foot now. Later!

Oh, P.S.: Remember in chat when I said I wanted to use that phrase (about friction) some time this season? I did last night! :)
This "morning" (actually around 7PM but that's my morning):

Salome: Did I get any mail?
My grandmother: You got a card and a small box--it's in my room.
Salome: Woohoo!
G-Money: It's not that big a box.
Salome: Stop trying to slow my roll!

Translation: Eee! My BPAL order came today! For those of you who don't know, BPAL is the abbreviation for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and it's a company that long story short, makes perfume oil blends. Because there are approximately a billion scents, one may order samples (or in the Lab's language, "imps") from them and that's what I got today--my first order of samples, six in all.

When you order a set of six samples, the Lab usually throws in an extra imp. So that's why there are seven reviews here. NB: These reviews are based solely on how these scents react with my chemistry; your mileage, as expected, may vary.

Me and scent: I have a good instinct for what will work on me and what won't, so that may have influenced the fact that I pretty much liked every scent I ordered. In general, I like foody scents, some fruits, most white flowers, and boozy notes. I dislike scents I'd describe as cloying--plumeria, most roses, melon.

So yes, the rest of this entry is just perfume oil reviews...and some songs I thought went with the scents.

Jailbait )

Juke Joint )

Hollywood Babylon )

Hellcat )

Snake Oil )

Lolita )

Salome )


Happy belated birthday, [livejournal.com profile] titilayo!



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