It's okay, bb. Tanis's judgment can't hurt the purity of our love.

PS: Longer letter later! (I've been right busy.)
If you visit my hiptop blog, you can see pictures of my boyfriend's new ladyfriend. Her name is Dixie and we picked her out yesterday at the Humane Society. That was hard--when we were walking in, I was like, "I'll take one of everything!" The Prom King is actually the second person to adopt her--the first family adopted her, tried crate-training her (never mind that she was really too young for that), and returned her the next day because she cried all night. Those people? Suck.

Is it Kal Penn week on TV? First he's on 24, in a completely pointless storyline and tonight, on SVU. And can we go back to 24 for a sec? Are they trying to win the coveted "I'm So Sure" award? The President ordered an airstrike on a random house in like, El Segundo? I'm so sure.

Also on the "I'm So Sure" radar: A&E, CSI: Miami and The Sopranos are miles apart in quality so plz quit trying to advertise them together. Yes, they're both on your network in syndication. That's all they have in common. Besides [ profile] zooby's deep and abiding balls-deep love for balls.

Earlier this evening, I watched the Takashi Miike episode of Masters of Horror, called "Imprint." For those of you who don't know MoH, it's a Showtime program and here's part of the description from wiki: "The show follows an anthology format, with each one-hour episode featuring a short film directed by a well-known horror film director. Since the show airs on a premium cable network, it routinely features more extreme levels of violence, nudity, and profanity than that of a typical television program." Speaking of extreme...Takashi Miike! For those of you who don't know that magnificent bastard, here is a quote I found that sums him up well:

"For the uninitiated, let's just say the guy is arguably the most 'extreme' film maker on the planet. And by 'extreme' I mean, 'Holy Fucking Shit What The Fuck Am I Fucking Watching I Need A Shower And Then Maybe Church' extreme film making."

So..."Imprint." Famously not shown on Masters on Horror after Showtime refused to air it--although really...what were they thinking? What kind of program did they expect Miike to deliver?

And how was it? Uneven but good. The acting quality is wildly varied, for one--Michie is good but Billy Drago is so over the top that it's comical. And this has nothing to do with "Imprint" but I had no idea he was Darren E. Burrows's dad. Bottom line: I liked it but this is definitely not something I'd recommend to just everyone. The torture scene was even worse than ===SPOILER SPOILER=== Odishon's "kiri kiri kiri" scene,===END SPOILER=== during which I had to leave the room.

I went for a job interview Sunday and that was a bit odd. First of all, I've never had a job interview on a Sunday. Second, the people I met with were nice and I'm sure if everything was ready, they'd be lovely to work with but...their spa isn't built. Construction hasn't even started. They're not expecting to open until March and I need a job before then. I told them I'd meet with them again next Sunday but I'm going to email and politely cancel. And then contact two new leads.

Right now? Degrassi, oh hells yes.
So jobhunting blows, as per usual. It's not that I'm surprised, though. It's amazing, though, how many employers say they'll contact you and then don't. I don't know if it's akin to the dating "I'll call you", if it's a misguided attempt for the prospective employee to show initiative or my personal suspicion, indicative of a greater problem. You see, when employers tell me they'll call me and then they don't, I immediately suspect that this lack of attention to detail is only the beginning and "Oops, I forgot to return your call" will turn into "Oops, we won't have paychecks until after 2pm" or "Oops, I forgot to not break the law."

If I don't get a spa job like I want, I won't be too miffed. I noticed today that my old hotel job here is hiring for the position I used to fill. Um, I can do that!

In better news, I was unsure where I was in my Netflix queue--I have a yooge list of TV series at the top, although I occasionally move movies and whatnot to the top*--because I'd just finished a series. So imagine my surprise when Degrassi: TNG showed up at my door. Canadian teen melodrama? Oh, hells yes! I watched every version of Degrassi until TNG, because the haters at my cable company also do not supply Noggin/The N.

[ profile] rockgeisha watches Degrassi: A play in one act:

Emma, quoting her Treeemail: "You saved my heart and my prohject.
Salome: "Prohject"! Canadian accents, LOL!
Salome's head: *explodes in delight*

Dear Canadia,




I need that kind of joy because I am attempting for the first time to watch When the Levees Broke. That, combined with thinking about working for the old hotel again, has me thinking of the weeks I spent with evacuees.

When the levees broke: Very depressing and I'll probably get embarrassed and delete it later )

It was a beautiful day.
So. Last time I said that I'd write about what I did the weekend before but then I realized that it really wasn't all that interesting. I went to some restaurants with the Prom King, including the Buffalo Wild Wings in Montgomery, where I kicked trivia ass. We watched a lot of Scrubs episodes and I finished watching all of Arrested Development.

I met with my would-be boss and found out that his idea of marketing is my walking around and passing out flyers. And no. So I'm back to the drawing board. My plan now is to go to work with my mom and attend a workshop or two to build up my skills and thus, make myself more marketable. That's one of the problems I've run into--employers want people who are very skilled in a variety of techniques, not seeming to realize that those people don't want to work for anyone. The other problem I'm running into is businesses wanting to offer massage but not doing even the most rudimentary research. You mean we have to have a license? Whores.

So anyway, I'll be doing that. Besides all that fascinating stuff, I've:

*planned the end of my Some Band hiatus, which will be happening in November, and which will be a spectacular trip for my 10 year SomeBandiversary
*received my hotel info for that trip
--on an unrelated note, look how cute this random group of musos all dressed up is (bonus points to the Limey for keepin' it real)
*watched football and drank beer with my boyfriend (A+++)
*accepted [ profile] zooby's pumpkin challenge
*and that seekrit challenge
*exchanged many mocking text messages with my ex (p.s.: gl today bb and thanx for the new song)
*[ profile] monooka, STOP READING NOW--discovered that Joe Muggs is making Arctic Lemonade with pomegranate now--RESUME READING
*missed [ profile] monooka
*received many happy birthday wishes from many lovely people--thank you all, so much!

Now I'm going to watch the second half of 1st season Weeds. Write back soon!

P.S.: The Outback ads using Of Montreal's music freak me out, even more so now that they've made the jump to TV from radio.



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