An outtake from my trip: Since the last time I was there, they've opened a 24-hour Duane Reade in the lower level of the building. Since I love 24-hour stores with the fervor of any nocturnal creature, this was the fuckin' best. Also, having one so close was useful for things like, if your e-mail from Monthly Info said "See you in two days!" and then turned into "Hey, I got an early flight!" that afternoon. One night before dinner, I stopped there to get something to eat on the way to the restaurant. [If you have not been informed that I eat like a hobbit, consider this your notice.] I got their brownie bites and what a delight they were.

As I tottered off toward Blue Ribbon, I passed a guy who looked exactly like this, baseball cap and all. It could have been him for all I know. In any case, I feel qualified to tell you that he was checking me out. And I was like, "Mmmrprmsmmmf...these brownies are amazing!" So, sorry, Keanu, if that were you. Rain check on sad sandwiches together?

Now I'm reading Mark Reads: The Hunger Games and I had to giggle at "Flesh-eaters??? Oh man, if these are like…zombies or irradiated mutants or something worse, I will DEEPLY LOVE THIS BOOK FOR A LONG TIME." Zombies or irradiated mutants in THG? Not quite (no spoilo), but it does remind me that I read The Forest of Hands and Teeth while I was in New York. It's a lot like The Village if shit had gotten really real and the monsters in the woods were real monsters. I will continue to read the series, although I have to admit that I didn't love it. The ending just kind of putters out and I kept getting Tegan and Sara's "Ocean" stuck in my head because Mary wouldn't stop yammering on about it. Stop crying to the ocean, stop crying over zombies...

Speaking of crying, my own regarding my schoolwork, particularly the research paper on Operation Paperclip, has lessened SOMEWHAT. By a microscopic bit. But really, I've almost converted my thoughts to "I have 2-3 [depending on the class] weeks to complete these papers--better start writing!" from a constant refrain of "OH GOD I ONLY HAVE 2-3 WEEKS LEFT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN" right until the night before.

And now here's the part where I say that I'm going to go nap (because I should, because I'm sickly with allergische Rhinitis* or just the regular kind and I tried napping earlier this evening but I just had feverish dreams where Jake Gyllenhaal was my athletic, competitive brother whom I was trying to warn about an impending zombie attack), but really I'm going to watch The Daily Show [jk, they're on vacation] and meditate on the achingly lovely lankiness of a certain gentleman and listen to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (you can stop making albums this year, everyone else) and try to locate my Christmas cards.

*Because so much of the material that I'm studying is in German and I'm studying German, my thoughts tend to lapse into it, even when I don't intend it. Also, today I got annoyed because a guy next to me in class kept reading over my shoulder while I was making notes for my research paper so I wrote them all in German. There's probably a word in German for that. [Studieprivatsphäre?]
--I am going to Dubai! !!! I can't say why I'm going, but I can say that I'm staying at the Burj Al Arab, the hotel that looks like a big sail. When I'm not watching the goldplated television or lounging on my totally understated bed:

I am going to be riding camels and touring the museums and shopping and skiing indoors at the Mall of the Emirates and--oh hello there, Perfume Souk. Ouds and attars, I'll see you shortly.

--I don't understand you, Jezebel, part 2349: I don't get why the general reaction to Lil Wayne and co.'s song "Every Girl," whose chorus is "I wish I could [have relations of an intimate nature with] every girl in the world" is pearls-clutching, while the general reaction to the Millionaires, whose lyrics include:

Look at that fat slut over there
Her dress is so tight, it's making me stare
She's lickin' on that lollipop with her tongue
So lets just shoot her
With our guns!

is "It's fun!" Yeah, I'm pretty sure neither musical group is that serious about their respective messages and taste is subjective, but still.

--Speaking of things from New Orleans that I love feverishly, the spread of this Brad Pitt For Mayor thing continues to amuse me. I saw Storyville on Headline News this morning!

--And speaking of making it right, if you find yourself in Birmingham and are hungry or want something to do, why not visit the Bottletree? They are lovely people and they put on great shows and have yummy food and oh yeah, they were just totally hosed by City Stages. And for an idea of just how big of a mess City Stages was, see Dennis Pillion for a great postmortem. Finally, here's some excellent advice for putting on a successful festival in Birmingham.
wolfpangs: (storyville)
Yesterday my mom told me a story. It was great because a) I'd never heard it before and b) it was about me, which instantly made it a lot more interesting to me. Apparently, when I was about three or four, my mother was sweeping the kitchen one day and I had a toy broom with which I was "helping" to sweep--much like I do today! My dad came home, I guess, and obliviously tracked dirt into the kitchen. For some reason, I bellowed, "WE DON'T DO NASTY IN HERE!" My dad had already made it into the other room and yelled back, "What did she say?" My mother was laughing too hard to answer, especially since she had no idea where I got that phrase or wording. I have no idea. But I encourage you to adopt it as a life motto, as I have. [It serves jointly with my usual motto: "Well, my glove compartment is locked, so are the trunk in the back and I know my rights so you gon' need a warrant for that." See if I buy from those Girl Scouts again.]

Other things I endorse for life improvement include, for one, Boston terriers. Like this little guy. That is actually probably a French bulldog, but I don't know for sure. However, the Boston Terrier Club of America says: A white Boston Terrier is not a legitimate color for the breed (neither is red or blue...)...WHITE BOSTON TERRIERS ARE NOT RARE ! They are unfortunate mistakes of nature.

This is, of course, a vicious lie. Boston terriers are always awesome. THIS IS FACTUAL INFORMATION.

I just think that's a little over the top and hysterical, akin to the clockwork page that said, "If you are not a watch repairperson you have no rights or sane reason for purchasing a movement." What if I just like clockwork? "Before rocket science was a science watches were considered man’s finest most delicate machines to date." Oh, come on. I hardly think that watches are as ser--"Lower your shields and surrender your watches. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile." Well okay, then. [By the way, it tickles me that Wiki has a list of Fictional Assimilating Races.]

Speaking of rocket science, I will be viewing The Dark Knight next week at the Space and Rocket Center's IMAX theater. If I do not get launched into space, it should be awesome. At 10AM. I wonder if they have some sort of space waffles I can eat while I'm watching. The Man told me to be careful because of the possibility of IMAX theaters showing non-IMAX movies (I thought his caution was a warning about accidental space launches), but thankfully, slashfilm says: "You have to see The Dark Knight on IMAX. This is not a marketing gimmick. Six sequences and most of the establishing shots were filmed using 70mm IMAX cameras. The experience is amazingly vivid, and unlike any superhero movie you have ever seen before. It’s the difference between watching standard and High Definition. If you have the option, you must see this movie in IMAX." Alright already, I got a ticket! Apparently people are getting the message because the site also reports that "advance ticket sales are through the roof, already surpassing $2 million on IMAX sales alone, more than a week prior to opening. Over 100 IMAX shows are already sold out." Awesome.

I am very excited and based on my viewing of the first five minutes, willing to believe any of the hype concerning Mr. Ledger. The clip is crap--a video made of the theater screen--but even so and even with a mask on for most of the duration, Heath is incredible. From the way he's standing when we first see him in the clip to the last glimpse of him, it's glorious.

I have not finished scanning the next batch of family photos yet--school drama and freak but brief illness got in the way. The school drama refers to...oh, I can't get into this without being overcome with petty rage. Long story short, couldn't take test arrrgh. Protip, school: Some people may find posting information like the fact that your testing center closes to testing an hour before its posted closing time somewhat relevant. Aaaaargh. Anyway, I will try to get some done later today in between napping hopefully and getting some housework done before I go see Chris Rock.

Back to good stuff: Next year, I'll be going on an Amazon river cruise. I hate using the word "cruise," since that makes people think of like, Carnival and this is no cruiseship. We're talking a clipper here. No, not like the Cutty Sark. Basically, around 30 passengers not including crew. I don't remember how I even got the idea. I was reading something on Frommer's site and caught a reference to the trips and after reading about it, I was hooked. And that's before I found out about the peanut butter and jelly water and the pink dolphins!

See, one of the big tourist attractions in that part of the world is the "Meeting of the Waters," where the River Solimoes meets the Rio Negro to join in holy matrimony form the Amazon. The smaller rivers are noticeably different in color and so when they meet, they flow beside each other in two different colors for a bit before mixing. I dunno--to me it looks like peanut butter and jelly:

Mmm, sandwich. Then, I heard about the botos, the Amazon's pink dolphins or as they're also known, encantado, for "enchanted one." As a girly girl who may or may not have owned at least one Lisa Frank product, I was immediately interested. Then it got even better. The dolphins come with their own legend. Sy Montgomery, who has written two books about the encantados, one for children and one for adults, wrote, "They say the boto can turn into a person, that it shows up at fiestas to seduce men and women. They say you must be careful, or it will take you away forever to the Encante, the enchanted city beneath the water." She might as well have written, "DING DING DING! STUFF SALOME WILL LIKE! DING DING DING!" First, there is the Amazon river trip. Then you throw in an environmental novelty. And if that weren't enough, there are also magical dolphins? Who are pink?! I may need a lie-down. The "facts" about the encantados just kept getting better and better. Field Guide to Monsters of the World*, in noting a detail that fills me with glee, says, "Their transformation is never fully complete, however: an encantado will always have a bald spot on the top of its head where its dolphin blowhole remains. For this reason, the encantado always keeps his head covered, usually with a broad-brimmed straw hat." Absolute joy.

I think I'm going to around the end of next May. That should give me enough time to get together the necessary papers (Brazilian visa and such) and get the recommended vaccinations. Yellow fever--catch it.

"Each person who encounters an Encantado comes away from the encounter speaking a different truth, informed by dreams and ghosts and the hot, whispered breath of rain on the river. For here in the Amazon, where unfathomable tragedies collide with unquenchable desires, the most preposterous of impossibilities come true."

And if my fulfilled impossibilities don't include being knocked up by a dolphin, I will be okay with that.

*Which should really start updating again, because it's like a grown-up World Book.
So to clarify more about my last entry, I had nothing to do with that. I was thinking that I'd probably be in my forties before I'd pay off my student loans. And hey, I still have the loans for the studying I'm doing now so maybe I will! But anyway, my dad started bugging me to let him into my loan account. At first he said it was because they just couldn't believe that my loans were that much but I was like, "It's a private school--more expensive" and that seemed to be the end of it. Then last month, he started saying that I should give him my log-in because "it might be beneficial for" me. Honestly, I figured that if anything, he might spot me a cool $100, based on past history. And it's not that I wouldn't appreciate any gift he gave me; I'm just saying this as a statement of fact. My dad is very much into practical matters--my big gift from him last Christmas was a new set of tires, for example. For another, when my sister turned 16, he gave her a bucket. And a full set of car-washing supplies but still--I enjoy telling her, "You got a bucket."

[That actually isn't too bad, though, because my sister's the type of person who can usually think of only one thing she wants. Starting when she was three and asked for a "maganet" all the way up to like, two years ago, when all she wanted was a full-length freestanding mirror. It's charming but she impossible to shop for.]

Speaking of my sister, she doesn't think it's my dad that paid off the loans because "he just made me pay $200 for my insurance." Hi, have you met Daddy? That's what he does! But I don't see who else it could be, because it's not like I gave out my log-in info for that site willynilly. Although maybe I should have, if people are going to be so generous.

And on that subject, I'm not sure exactly how to thank my dad. A card doesn't seem enough. Neither does a thumbs up and a "Nice work, sport!" I called him Thursday finally and I was going to say something then but I forgot he was in Colorado. And he was shopping and the line was fuzzy so...I still haven't said anything.

Let's see, what else is up? Well, I had midterms this week. That's kind of misleading, though. I had only one actual midterm exam, which was in French. I'm not sure yet how I did but it wasn't too painful. And it gave us the excuse of having study group, which was super fun. It must have been because we sat at Books a Million for four freakin' hours. Hey, they have magazines! And pumpkin spice lattes!

Saw The Heartbreak Kid last week. Eeeee. It could've been a lot better, I think. That is me, Empress Obvious. And I thought maybe I'd misread the movie until I asked my companion, "Wait--he [Stiller's character] was a douche, yes?" and he agreed with me.

We had dinner at a restaurant whose menu amused me--it features the famous drink, the Sherry Temple. And birthday cake is listed in the desserts at "market price." Really?

Besides that, I've mostly been working on perfume stuff and planning for travel. I finally decided on a Halloween costume but I'm not going to say what it is yet--you'll just have to see the pictures. But while we're on the subject, I'd like to praise Leather Delight [may be NSFW], the site where I got my costume. Somehow, my payment went through but my order didn't, and the owner herself e-mailed me to let me know, which was awesome. I'm kind of sad that I probably won't get to carve a pumpkin (because I'll be in NY on Halloween) but I'm excited about my trip. I have a few people that I'm planning to see while I'm there but overall, I'm looking forward to spending the weekend in a city that is not mine. Even if I'll miss the one appearance of the Young Wild Things tour here, boohoo.
This California trip is shaping up to be totes awesome. Reasons why:

1) Cassandra.
2) BPAL Will Call will likely be held while I'm there. (That's when they open up the Lab for in-person sales, thus one can test everything--general collection-wise, at least--and get it right then.

Oh yeah, I broke up with my boyfriend. Sometimes I'm sad but mostly I'm okay. For the best, I think.

Plus, I have bad horror movies and California and George F'n Romero. !!!
I had a job interview Saturday for a position that I'm kinda excited about. I'm supposed to go back next Saturday to do some tryout massages so we'll see how it goes. The downside is, I might not be able to go on my planned NYC trip next month or may not be able to go the full time that I planned but that's okay--I've already decided that I'll try to plan a NYC trip in April if I don't get to go in March. Another downside is that I might not be able to move to San Francisco in April but tbh, I won't be able to do that anyway. The upside is, if I get this job, I'll pretty much be able to write my own check when I do move.

What will you be doing, Salome? I'm glad you asked! There's a chiropractic clinic here that's been in business for over fifty years and they want to have a massage clinic, mainly because they're tired of having to refer out their patients. So if I'm hired, I'd be in charge of the massage program and for all intents and purposes, in charge of the massage clinic, which is a separate building and business. Pretty cool, I think.

Also cool:

*I did my taxes this morning so I have that out of the way. It would be cooler if I were getting more back, of course.

*Rosa Loves is an artsy t-shirt company but they're not yr average artsy t-shirt company. They find people with stories, people who need something and they design a shirt inspired by that need. "Each story will be told through stimulating graphics and actual text that will appear on the inverse of the shirt directly in line with the heart, where the Rosa Loves movement stems from." Then they use the proceeds of each shirt to pay for the inspiration's need. So for example, sales of their Indo Made shirt will buy Made a fishing boat. Sales of their Burdened and Regrowth shirts will benefit the Coley family, a woman and her grandchildren, who lost their home to a fire.

*Paoli Nutini--I adore this boy.

*Virb--Anyone on there? Add me. If you want to be on there, I've got a few invites available. It's still so new that you can probably get whatever page name you want.

*Ice Breakers Ice Cube gum--Why is it so hard to find?

*BPAL's Neil Gaiman collection--I want Mr. Ibis and Mr. Jacquel and Mr. Nancy. Oh and Mama-Ji.

*Thinking about traveling to New Orleans

*Planning continuing education massage classes--Lomi Lomi training in Hawaii? Aromatherapy in Provence? Medical Massage certification in Costa Rica? And yes, some totally boring stuff about trade shows and taxes. I love learning.
1) I have a new Firefox theme. It's unbelievably tacky and I love it! It's called Pimpzilla and it's brilliant--fake fur, leopard print, and sparkly gold and diamond bling icons. Beautiful!

2) The tour dates were publicly announced today so I'll clarify my locked post from yesterday. I'm seeing Atlanta (13 November) and probably the three following Florida dates, maybe the fourth Florida date.

Publicly is a weird-looking word.

3) Holy crap. I might as well just hand my wallet to Elizabeth now.

4) I brought my big bag o' makeup to the spa on Saturday so I could do my makeup before I left on my weekend trip. It's still packed from traveling and it's just easier. Well, I stopped at a gas station when I got to Montgomery and was going to touch up my makeup. Bag wasn't in my car. I got a message from the spa asking me to come in today to do a massage. I responded that I could and mentioned my makeup bag.

Today when I went in, my boss asked me where I left the bag because she hadn't seen it. I didn't know exactly but I looked around's gone. My limited edition bag. With literally, all the makeup I own save a jar of loose powder (I take along a ziploc bag to prevent spills) and a couple of things I don't use that often. Four limited edition eyeshadows, a limited edition shower gel from Lush, all my makeup brushes...sigh. I don't understand why someone would take some used makeup but I suspect they were after the bag. They got it!

5) There appears to be movement on the His Dark Materials movie front. Reports are now surfacing that Nicole Kidman will play Mrs. Coulter, some child called Dakota Blue will be Lyra, and Eva Green will be Serafina Pekkala. OMG! We are thismuchcloser to plush Iorek Byrnisons!

6) Mr. R. Miller is playing Birmingham in a few weeks and I was planning on going when I thought it was a regular show but I found out tonight that it's actually a BBQ festival and he's playing last. I don't know how I feel about that. Sloss is spooky.

7) If you haven't seen the Strokes home movies DVD from their 2001 tour, entitled In Transit, I highly recommend it. That's where all the lines on my text icons come from ("Like a son--I adored you like a son!", for example). Those boys are so cheeky. Bonus appearances by the Moldy Peaches, whom I guess were touring with them. I think it's pretty hard to find, so if there's interest, I'll upload it. It's nothing deep but it's fun.

8) Thursday is my big jobsearching day. I have been searching but I'm really going to go aggressive tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. But I'll need a job to support my BPAL habit.

9) I will also work on the second half of my BPAL reviews.

10) And I will look forward to Friday, since we're going out for Mexican food and then seeing Talladega Nights! Shortly, everything will be coming up Salome. I can just feel it.
Tonight has been...the kind of night I would find unbelievable if I didn't have the photos to prove it. And my girls are coming to NYC!
Alright, I'm off to find out something only Dead men know. I don't know how often I'll be checking here or anywhere online so if you want to hang out or whatever, you can reach me as always at 256.339.4727.
This has been the worst week ever and the whole world has been against me, I swear to God.

Sunday: Flat tire.
Monday: Two trips to the tire store. That other news I shared with you guys regarding NYC.
Tuesday: North Korea tries to slow my roll. Kim Jong-Il is totally the Justin Timberlake of world leaders.
Wednesday: Hairstylist is closed.
Thursday: Hairstylist is out sick, find out I'll probably have to drive to Moody (1 hour, 13 minutes away) to pick up my special rate card for my PA hotel (old boss, who has to give me the card, has been building a property there and has been staying there with his family since the property is nearing completion).
Today: Drove to Moody, found out the rate card was at my old work, toured the new property anyway. Hairstylist was still out sick, fulfilled my resolution to get a haircut or die trying. I thought she cut my fringe a little short but I calmed down about it once I drove home.

Finally tonight I just gave up. The week just won. Once I let go, I started feeling very zen about things. So when my dinner exploded in the microwave, my response was, "Well, of course it did." So, now I'm feeling much better. Not physically--it may be TMI so let's just say that I'm under the thrall of very painful...hmm, what's a good euphemism? Tummycrushers. But I am happy about this and all the rest of the pleasant accompaniments happening before I leave because as my grandfather always said, if you're going to strangle someone, strangle someone you love and not a federal airport security officer. But overall, I'm finally feeling like myself again. Which is to say, spunky and defiant (of course) but also generally optimistic.

Things that make me happy:

*My frosty glass: It's not that complicated--it's just one of those mugs with the liquid inside that freezes. But it has Dale Earnhardt, Jr on it, whom I unironically love (see icon), and it is my main delivery system for icy-cold sweet tea, which is enjoyable all year but especially in weather so ridiculous that my ForecastFox just gives up and displays an exploding thermometer.
*Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade: Especially because in a repeat of last year, they went to a elementary school class and helped them make cartoons, which they are now displaying. I think this one is particularly brilliant. I'm doin It.
*[ profile] jess_d_ripper: For not only her latest incident of awesomeness but also because she's always brilliant and hilarious and totally my e-crush.
*Weapons of girlification: Maple syrup-scented shower gel. Smell like a waffle? Yes, please.
*Waffles: I love 'em.
*Saucy text messages: Especially from impeccable gentlemen like the Limey.
*I get to take a shower tomorrow!: The shower has been out of commission due to repairs so I've had to take baths. While I love soaking in baths for relaxation, they are doubleplus ungood for actually getting and feeling clean. But the shower is in, the door is in, and I will take a shower! Putting my toiletries in the shower tonight was way more exciting than it should have been.
*My trip: [ profile] monooka! [ profile] princessdidi! The Man! Those other boys! Planes and trains and automobiles! Hotel beds! Meeting strangers in bars! Meeting celebrities in bars! Reading Teen Vogue on the plane! Shoveling Polish food down my gaping maw! Naughtiness! Gigglefests! Inside jokes, neanderthals! Dirty water hot dogs! The new memories we'll create! All this and more!

And if Someone did not get the gift I suggested...aargh.
*Good music: I made a NYC Summer playlist, which makes me very happy. It has the usual suspects like Sinatra and the Beastie Boys, but some other stuff that just evokes warm weather New York to me, like Some Girls-era Stones. But of course, I love music all the time and I'm quite sad that Freya will be leaving for the iPod hospital after we get back from New York. It's enought to make a girl say "Mercy, Mercy Me." If I weren't so friggin' zen right now.
Woohoo, good things are happening this week. First, it's about two and a half weeks until I leave, which is awesome. I should be at my usual place in Philadelphia around noonish on the 10th and then who knows what'll happen? Well, I have a good idea--gossip, giggling, and girlification. General neanderthal-being.

And then there's New York City and I hope not to get caught between the moon and it. But seriously, y'all--if you're in NY and you would like to hang out, just let me know and I'll try my best to pencil you in on my dance card. I'll be there the 12th, 13th, and 14th--leaving on the 15th morning.

Second, OMFG I finally got my click-n-ship notification for my outstanding BPAL order from April. It was due to be shipped yesterday so I'm hoping it will get here Saturday.

Lessee, what else? Oh, I've been running regularly. Unfortunately, I have some major delayed-onset muscle soreness right now. But I'm seeing results!

The Strokes's new video, for "You Only Live Once" will hit the states in five days, after those naughty Europeans get their hands on it first. Fuel your excitement by listening to the demo version of the song, called "I'll Try Anything Once." And try to keep your underpants on as I tell you what a little birdie told me--The Strokes, Eddie Vedder and Josh Homme have recorded a cover of "Mercy Mercy Me" for the B-side of the single.

And now I really must be off to bed. Later!
No, I won't massage you with my boobs.

Mean Receptionist left me a myspace comment yesterday to let me know that I had two early appointments today. When I got to work this morning, I was a little surprised that they were both men. Because I work in a traditional full-service day spa, most of my clientele are of the lady persuasion.

The first client was new and he was booked for a half-hour Swedish, which went well. Then there was the second client. One of the owners and Mean Receptionist had talked to him the day before and he'd raised their eyebrows. He'd repeatedly asked the same questions and some of his questions (Do we have a jacuzzi?) led them to believe that something was hinky with him. The other owner thought he might be a cop, testing us to make sure that everything was on the level.

Suffice it to say, I was not thrilled when 10:30 rolled around. And then at 10:30, he wasn't there. We started to relax. We had nearly relaxed ourselves into a mean girl lull and then the door opened. And it was him.

Mean Receptionist gave him his client info card to fill out and I wept. His cell phone rang and he picked up, speaking in Arabic. He returned the card to us and I took him back to my room to go over everything. This part is pretty straightforward. I go over the info on the card and ask about any possible contraindications for massage. We talk about what the client is looking to get out of the massage. With him, I just got my skeeve on.

He wanted to know if I did "French massage." I told him that I didn't, as I don't have a clue what it is. I explained to him the kinds of massage I do. I decided to go with Swedish with him.

During the conversation, I asked him where he was from. He told me his mother was Italian. Yeah, okay. [Later he would tell me that his father is from Jerusalem.] I left him alone to undress then I returned to the spa rooms to cry. I went back and began the massage. He soon realized this was not the kind of massage he was looking for. He told me about getting French massages in Amsterdam. Apparently, it involves picking out a girl from a group of about six and said girl "massaging" the client with her naked body.

Me: ...

I finished the massage and it was medium creepy the whole time but he didn't ever say or do anything over the line. He did ask me if I were Muslim, though. Sorry, pal but this little filly *finger guns* ain't on the market.

I was hanging in reception with the Mean one and a client who was getting her body wrap measurements and after a few minutes, it occurred to me that he'd been in my room alone longer than it would have taken for him to dress. I got skurred. He came out, though, and cancelled his aromabath appointment, which was to follow the massage.

The horror, the horror...

Read more... )

So that happened...

The BPAL order I placed in April still hasn't shipped yet and I've become desperate with anticipation. I ordered just one bottle! Please send my glorious Midway!

I totally haven't learned my lesson because I ordered a bottle of the Lunacy Limited Edition on Sunday. I couldn't help it! It sounded so good! Offerings of ginger candy, sugar cane, smoky vanilla and rice wine mingle with a ghost’s perfume of white sandalwood, ho wood, ti, white grapefruit, crystalline musk and aloe.

And I'm now getting into my very excited about traveling mode. I had a nice long conversation with my Limey last night and that was quite lovely. "I've missed hearing your voice," he said and...sigh. I love that Teabag. And I think my trip will be quite the adventure. I'm so excited about seeing everyone.

I wish I had more exciting things to talk about but mostly I've just been working and trying to catch up on housework, which I never seem to do. And I'm a total jackass because I still haven't told [ profile] off_key happy birthday, so happy birthday! I hope it was swell.

And now a present from me to all of you--it's Siri Helene Erland doing Coldplay's "Fix You" on Norwegian Idol. Enjoy!
It occurred to me that I hadn't updated in a while. I'm just so busy constantly! And I still have not found an organizer that I like so I carry around my to-do list in my head and on very attractive scraps of paper in my purse.

I do have some free time, which I've been using to gorge on movies, thanks to someone's suggestion to go back to Netflix. I cancelled my account there after I quit the Radisson and I just never started up again but now I'm back and OMG, so good. I filled my queue in two days! And I have seen Ax 'Em (hilariously awful) and then in the giallo genre, House With Laughing Windows and Night Train Murders, both of which I thought were great. Then I saw Survive Style 5+ and it is fucking brilliant. I don't really know how to explain it. It's just madness. I will try to summarize the (five) storylines:

An artist keeps trying and failing to kill his wife, who comes back to life ready to kick his ass; a businessman and his family attend a hypnotist's show and it changes their lives in a way they never expected; a trio of young men break into houses and discover their feelings; Vinnie Jones is a hitman who asks everyone what function they serve in life; an advertising director has goofy commercial ideas but they fall flat with everyone but her (and the movie's audience)

Each story touches the other, in small and big ways, until most of them tie together at the very end in an ending that's both bizarre and completely right. It's visually amazing, drenched in oversaturated colors with fun effects. I just loved it. And I have such a crush on Reika Hasmimoto, seen below mid-kicking her husband's ass:

Besides watching movies, I've also been working on my brochure for work, which I hate because I'm doing it myself and I hate publishing programs and why won't it align right? and yarrgh.

On the other hand, I'm planning my trip for next month and I love that. I have my flight details and it's exactly like I said a while ago--arrive July 10 in Philly (to stay at my usual place, [ profile] monooka), take the train to NYC July 12, fly home (or to Atlanta) on the 15th, drive to Eufaula, get drunk with former classmates/get to see who's...let's just say "changed." I'm so excited!

Of course, before that I just need to get my train ticket, buy a new cell phone, call the Limey, go by the social security office, pick up my friends and family rate card from my old hotel, make an appointment with the lady doctor, and finish my brochure. No sweat.

I'm going to have a slawdog today and you can't stop me. P.S.: I almost bought a pair of gaucho pants the other day and I felt no shame. See, when I went to my dad's house, I was getting ready for church and I realized that the pants I intended to wear were still lying on the dryer...four hours away here at Ft. Awesome. So my dad gave me a wad of cash and told me to go buy a pair of pants at Wal-Mart. It was a weird transitional time so they didn't have any proper black dress pants--my only choices were something called "bikini pants" and palazzo pants. I chose the palazzo pants and it's just a slippery slope from them to gauchos. Luckily for...the world, I guess, the gauchos had sold out in my size.

And now, breakfast!
Just to let everyone know, I made it to Philadelphia and Atlantic City okay and everything is good. I'm so happy to hear about [ profile] razzberryberet and her family.

I will, of course, write full recaps but to sum up: The man is very handsome and generous and we've eaten our weight in cheese fries and pizza and milkshakes and all kinds of other bad road food. I kicked ass at skeeball and won lots of things. I've realized being here how horrendous the past week was (and still is for lots of people) and being able to be here surrounded by so many people that love me has been invaluable to me. Now I'm backstage at the House of Blues and I'm waiting for the show to start.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have some wish ideas in mind but most of all, I hope that all of you who read this are safe and happy and know how much you mean to me.

Now let's go put on a rock show.
Salome, how has this work week been?

Salome: *falls down*

Oh, my goodness. We've had a steady stream of evacuees this week and I'm so exhausted. I don't fault the people at all, of course, but it's just so draining--physically and emotionally. In the first three hours alone at work yesterday, I made beds, helped with FEMA applications, retrieved a frog from a room, released a frog into the wild, and listened to people talk about their hometowns. This all on top of my regular duties.

I've tried to make it easier on them. The Birmingham News, who seem to have amped up to 144pt font, is not helping, with their headlines screaming things like "DEVASTATING LOSS." I've taken to laying out the newspapers face down. I turned the TV from the news to Sanford and Son and we watched that while we filled out the FEMA paperwork. We've talked about New Orleans and Hattiesburg and Gulfport and Harvey. We talked about jazz combos and drive-through daiquiri bars and debris po' boys at Mother's and everything else about that beautiful Crescent City, Queen of the Mississippi.

I bite my lip and don't dare get teary in front of them. They know how bad it is. So we fight off the misery. Things are catastrophic but they won't stay that way. Every second that passes brings us closer to better times. Am I naive? Perhaps. But I can't be a pessimist. For one thing, it just feels wrong for now. And really, it's just not in my nature.

And today, I'm finally off. I will spend today getting packed, as I will be leaving on a jet plane at *gulp* 6:57 AM tomorrow morning. In just two days, I'll be with the man and that'll be sweet. I'm so looking forward to seeing my friends.

I'm also less than two weeks away from taking the licensing exam and I'm terrified! But I think I'll do okay. Probably. Like they told us at school, we don't have to ace it, we just have to pass it.

Is anyone watching Starved? Is it as unfunny and uncomfortable as the endless ads make it seem?

I should get to work. Here's Arlo Guthrie's "City of New Orleans", by the way. Yeah, it's about a train but that's okay. I'm working on a playlist of songs about New Orleans but I probably won't be done with that until I get back next week. If you have any favorite songs about New Orleans, I'd love to hear them.
Okay, so there's the movie Girl With a Pearl Earring, which is based on one of my favorite books, about one of my favorite artists, and stars my secret girlfriend. No, I could not be more excited. Except I am.

I cannot wait for America's Sweetheart, the new Courtney Love album. They've been playing "Mono" on the radio and I f'n love it. It sounds like Live Through This + Celebrity Skin. I was thinking, wouldn't it be funny if because of the low expectations or in spite of them, she made her best album ever?

Enough about that, I'm bored with that. I started back to class this week. My last quarter ever! Class last night: Fine. Four hours. Cool people. I got giggly realizing that all the girls in the class, myself included, had surreptitiously grown their nails out over break. You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone. Class tonight: Freshmen. I don't know any of them. Unfortunately, this is the only time this class is offered. I'll live.

Actually, I think I'm going to do well this quarter. If I don't get distracted by travel plans, that is. What's Vegas like in February?

I don't know if I'll go to Vegas. I'm not really planning on it but it would be fun. If I do travel before spring, it'll most likely be Seattle and Portland. If Vancouver is solidified, then maybe I'll go there, too.

I've been listening to my soundboards and hello, wanderlust. And um, the other kind of lust. Hee.

Of course, all this traveling is dependent on something rather important that I shall find out later this week. It's a secret right now but I'll (probably) let you all in on it when I find out. If I'm not too freaked. Let's hope I'm not.
My sister and I were very welcome in Atlanta, where the players play. And I'll tell you all about it later. Well, all you cool people.

Don't know about you but I miss the Freaknik...



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