Nov. 29th, 2008 08:51 pm
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So today is the Iron Bowl, aka the most wonderful time of the year, aka the day of the Alabama-Auburn game. Now this year has been particularly delightful, because Alabama has gone unbeaten while Auburn...has not. (Their 17-34 loss to West Virginia was particularly schadenfreudelicious.) I continued my this season tradition of making it to Alabama game time and then comatosing through the game, so I had no idea of the outcome when I awoke this evening. My telephone blinked blue. There was a text message.

Now when you receive a text on the Sidekick, it displays the first few words of the message on the text jump screen. This read, "Ber [my sister, who sent the message]: Auburn may have w--." Emotionally, this is just under the equivalent of receiving a text on November 4th that read, "John McCain may have w--." I clicked through to the message, which read in full, "Auburn may have won the past 6 years, but like Barack Obama said, 'It's time for a change!'" YES, WE CA--wait, what? My sister is a Republican and not a politics geek, so she doesn't know all the catchphrases and you know, I don't remember his saying that at all. In fact, that was Tom Dewey's catchphrase, and if you recognize that name, there is probably one reason why. So I went online to puzzle this out.

On election night, I was watching the news coverage but switched to the Daily Show when the news got me too keyed up. Soon, even the Daily Show was too much and I started listening to music, while I had the Daily Show on mute and an electoral map open in a tab. I would occasionally refresh it, but it hadn't really changed in a long time. [This "long time" was probably ten minutes.] All of a sudden, around ten pm, I refreshed it and there was a check mark next to Senator Obama's name. I stared at the screen in confusion. The map hadn't been updated yet with the most recent totals and again, it was ten. I could no longer remember an election night with a bedtime. I turned the TV volume back on, just in time to hear this:

[I still feel like the little boy in glasses and the Home Alone pose at the top of this pic when I see that.]

That required checking a few more thousand sources just to make sure. I didn't require nearly as many for the outcome of the Iron Bowl. It is again, not the same as finding out the outcome of the election, but when I saw it, I couldn't help but exclaim, "Oh!" Among my prayers this year, two have been that my grandmother would live to see her beloved Alabama win again and that she would live to see the election of a President with more than one vowel in his last name (to steal a phrase from Jeffrey Eugenides). President...done. Alabama...oh. It's been an interesting year. I'm an aunt! That still blows my mind. Sadie is just now starting to engage with the world--she's social smiling and she'll watch people/animals around her (she's very bemused by the dogs). She's fascinated when people sing to her. So for her, here's her favorite song right now:

(I do not know what's going on with the Chief in this video--apparently he is reaching a higher plane of existence.)
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Maybe if we don't move, they'll turn off the lights and go away.

(Yes, that picture's probably 13 years old.)
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I go to Calhoun for school, which I'm not sure I've mentioned here by name. It's a community college but it's huge for one. (Here's a picture I took as I was leaving the Math & Science Building--where I took uh, French--last semester--and that's like, a fourth of the campus.) In fact, with the two other campuses in addition to the main one, which I attend, it's the largest 2-year college in Alabama. Anyway, it was named after John C. Calhoun, the seventh veep of these United States, who was kind of a handsome fellow in his younger years and apparently went into carnival spookhouse work when he was older. No one really seems to know why he's the namesake--he was a South Carolinian and his links to Alabama are pretty flimsy. I know he had some relatives here but still, it's not like he had an enormous influence on the state. So that's kind of a mystery. But whomever named our mascot had a funny sense of humor. Um, if you're an American history geek. Now Mr. Calhoun, if you don't know, [WARNING: NERD ALERT] and a group of his colleagues in the Twelfth Congress were way into war. Their fervent calls for war against Great Britain, which did indeed lead to a tussle that became known as the War of 1812, earned them the nickname War Hawks. So yes, we are the Calhoun Warhawks. (By the way, it was Virginia Congressman John Randolph who coined the term "War Hawks." But to be fair, he had apparently just gone through puberty so he was probably having lots of mood swings.)

Anyway that was all to say that I bought a Calhoun Warhawks t-shirt today so that I may bask in American history nerdery. I am not ashamed. (It looks like this--I got one like the ones in the basket, charcoal with hot pink lettering. Because nothing says let the bodies hit the floor like hot pink script.) I also defined phallic for the THIRD time in psych class today. It's amazing. Some of these girls are barely out of high school and already have toddlers, yet they won't say "penis" in the classroom.

Then I went to buy a cheap saucepan, because my very successful break-most-of-the-ones-I-own program has drawn to a close, and I have dreams of making tea AND soup at the same time. I went to Fred's, a discount store, and after I found the saucepan I looked around because sometimes you can find interesting stuff in there. Like this. Is your soul bland? I also bought a little bottle of 4711. It's billed as the "original eau de cologne" and they aren't lying (almost)--the phrase "eau de cologne" was originally created to mean water of Cologne, as in the German city where it was first created. This isn't the first FIRST company to make a scent in Cologne but it's up there. Anyway, the bottles are lovely and classic and they were a whopping $1 each at Fred's.

Muelhens created 4711 in 1792. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, lemon and orange. The middle notes are: rosemary and rose and the base of the fragrance is: musk, petitgrain and neroli.


Saturday was the 65th anniversary of Bicycle Day, which I completely forgot about. I also forgot that the Chief would be appearing on a special on the History Channel that night called "Peyote to LSD: A Psychedelic Odyssey." It will repeat on Saturday at 5PM (est, I'm assuming). Yes, I set my Tivo.

Today, of course, is the day of the Earth. So on that note, and speaking of the Chief, here is a gentleman and scholar, a raconteur and rogue, my Chief, my friend* Mr. Bob Weir and the rest of Ratdog doing "Ashes and Glass." Er, after a brief segment in which he tries to complete an interview as certain people who are definitely not anything like your upstanding hostess, work diligently at distraction behind the interviewer's back.

[Part 2]

And if that roll takes us to France
Teach them Froggies how to dance
Keep on dancin', sing the tune
We'll be dancin' all around the moon

And if that big old moon go bust
Well ashes to ashes, baby, dust to dust
Baby it's time for one last rave
Keep on dancin' on our own graves.

*Also, a guy I keep forgetting to email. Oops. Tonight. Tonight I will do it.


Oct. 16th, 2007 05:36 am
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Happy birthday, Chief! I got some more stuff I want to say later, but this'll do for now:

Obviously my internet access is a bit spotty right now, what with Compy getting ready to go to the hospital tomorrow. So while today (it's still October 16th until I fall asleep) is a very momentous day, I don't have the time to write what I want to tonight.

So look for my birthday paean to the Chief/10th annual SomeBandiversary tomorrow hopefully some time this week.

Ten years ago tonight, I went to see a band and well...I'll let Kylie sum up the rest:

And everything went from wrong to right
And the stars came out and filled up the sky
The music you were playing really blew my mind
It was love at first sight...

Love at first sight.

From [livejournal.com profile] ladycakes-- This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and than pass out letters to those who want to play along.

My letter is C.

1) Compass: My bank. They sent me a letter a couple of weeks ago notifying me that they would be refunding the full amount that they were trying to charge me.

Salome, for the win!

2) Chupa Chups: My favorite lollipop. My most common accessory. I hate mints and I'm not that fond of gum so I started taking them, instead. My favorite flavor is cherry and I love cherry print so the combination inspired a guitar tech I know to nickname me Cherry Pop. Now I carry them to every show, even though it's become somewhat difficult to find the cherry-flavored one. If I give you one at a show, you know I like you (but if I don't give you one, that doesn't mean I dislike you).

3) Cherokee: I know many people who claim to be tribal descendants claim this tribe and I don't know why that is--possibly it's because the name is so well-known, having been lent to cars, songs, and even casual wear. Some people have even postulated that because Cherokees were one of the "Civilized Tribes" that it's a way of lessening non-whiteness. It's kinda funny that so many people claim to be Cherokees, considering how some Cherokees passed as white to avoid removal. I know they did because my ancestors did.

I don't blame them for doing what they had to do. It was for their own survival and of course, it was for mine. Your ancestors did the same thing.

4) Coltrane: His music hits me on almost a molecular level--from the very first notes he plays, I feel almost an otherworldly calm. Music is the closest thing to a natural high I've found and his music in particular is the zenith. It's not surprising. Spirituality was very important to him and it informed his music in every way--he believed that specific sounds and scales had the ability to provoke corresponding emotional responses, after all.

"I would like to bring to people something like happiness. I would like to discover a method so that if I want it to rain, it will start right away to rain. If one of my friends is ill, I'd like to play a certain song and he will be cured; when he'd be broke, I'd bring out a different song and immediately he'd receive all the money he needed."

5) Cat: Mine is named Tala. I wrote this whole long thing about him but it felt too personal. I'll just say he saved my life and leave it at that.

6) Casablancas, Julian: I don't know how he does it but every time The Strokes release an album, Mr. Casablancas's lyrics perfectly sum up where I am at that point in life.

6b. Casablancas, Dick: I <3 Dickie. He had me at "I try not to be" (in response to Logan's asking, "You're not a complicated guy, are you Dick?"). Or perhaps, "It's not me, it's Wu."

6c. I don't want to talk about Casablancas, Cassidy.

7) Cell phone: I know there are a lot of cell phone haters out there but I love 'em. Well, I love mine. And I don't think I'm the stereotypical jerky cell user--I turn it off at the movies, I don't talk on it when I'm with a cashier, I don't feel as if everyone should be treated to my side of the conversation, etc.

I'm getting a new one on Tuesday and I'm so freakin' excited. My current one is okay but it's very...simple. And I've checked--you can't even give it away on eBay. But my new one--ooh! It has a camera, a QWERTY keyboard, AIM capability, a mini-browser...and apparently, you can make telephone calls on it.

8) Czech Republic: Between Hostel and Last Holiday, the latter of which I'm watching now, I've become antsy to visit. Prague, Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary...ah. Maybe next year.

8b. Crescent City: I want to go back so bad.

9) My Chief: If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters, that would soar a thousand feet high--To Sir, with love.

One of the best times this year so far was playing "ask me anything" in Philadelphia. Especially since you answered anything.

And also...Bible study.

10) My favorite person: My best friend. The one who always makes me laugh. The one who keeps it all together when everyone else is falling apart. The one who knows me better than anyone. I'm pencilling you in for waffles this July.



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