So jobhunting blows, as per usual. It's not that I'm surprised, though. It's amazing, though, how many employers say they'll contact you and then don't. I don't know if it's akin to the dating "I'll call you", if it's a misguided attempt for the prospective employee to show initiative or my personal suspicion, indicative of a greater problem. You see, when employers tell me they'll call me and then they don't, I immediately suspect that this lack of attention to detail is only the beginning and "Oops, I forgot to return your call" will turn into "Oops, we won't have paychecks until after 2pm" or "Oops, I forgot to not break the law."

If I don't get a spa job like I want, I won't be too miffed. I noticed today that my old hotel job here is hiring for the position I used to fill. Um, I can do that!

In better news, I was unsure where I was in my Netflix queue--I have a yooge list of TV series at the top, although I occasionally move movies and whatnot to the top*--because I'd just finished a series. So imagine my surprise when Degrassi: TNG showed up at my door. Canadian teen melodrama? Oh, hells yes! I watched every version of Degrassi until TNG, because the haters at my cable company also do not supply Noggin/The N.

[ profile] rockgeisha watches Degrassi: A play in one act:

Emma, quoting her Treeemail: "You saved my heart and my prohject.
Salome: "Prohject"! Canadian accents, LOL!
Salome's head: *explodes in delight*

Dear Canadia,




I need that kind of joy because I am attempting for the first time to watch When the Levees Broke. That, combined with thinking about working for the old hotel again, has me thinking of the weeks I spent with evacuees.

When the levees broke: Very depressing and I'll probably get embarrassed and delete it later )

It was a beautiful day.
Or, Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.

During a scintillating conversation last night, I realized that after a few years of having aspects of my life--for example: my appearance, personality, sex life--discussed by strangers on the internets...I fold.

During my Some Band hiatus, I tried to fill the SB-shaped hole with Fall Out Boy. It didn't work so well--no matter how I wired it together, I could never get it to fire at the right time. But anyway, they have a song called "Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued," which is about fame and fans and things like that. Last night, I was thinking about that song. Specifically, the line that goes, "We're only good 'cause you can have almost famous friends." I realized that a) I don't want to feel like that about my friends ever and b) hey, they are my friends and as such, I don't want to be a bridge to them for people who may not have the best intentions. In addition, as you can probably tell from the first paragraph, I'm a bit tired of having my life be picked apart for crumbs about them. I've become fascinated lately by the whole Scene Queens thing, because I'm curious about the scene thing as a whole and I'd just like to say...when you freak out, I understand, Scene Queens, I understand. At first, I think, they seek out the attention because few among us don't like attention. But the more people that pay attention, the more intense it gets and then it becomes intrusive and weird and the next thing you know, strangers on the internet are discussing how they can see your extension tracks or in my case, whether my relationship ended because I was "arrogant."

So from now on, I'm actually, no kiddin', no takebacks, for serious abstaining from public references to them in this journal. I know I've mostly done that anyway but there will no coded entries, no cutesy nicknames for you to figure out, lalalala.

I know this is all very drama llama but fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. I'm just trying to be a better friend and if the end result is lowered site visits, then oh noes--I don't care.

P.S.: My personal favorite.
Obviously my internet access is a bit spotty right now, what with Compy getting ready to go to the hospital tomorrow. So while today (it's still October 16th until I fall asleep) is a very momentous day, I don't have the time to write what I want to tonight.

So look for my birthday paean to the Chief/10th annual SomeBandiversary tomorrow hopefully some time this week.

Ten years ago tonight, I went to see a band and well...I'll let Kylie sum up the rest:

And everything went from wrong to right
And the stars came out and filled up the sky
The music you were playing really blew my mind
It was love at first sight...

Love at first sight.
So. Last time I said that I'd write about what I did the weekend before but then I realized that it really wasn't all that interesting. I went to some restaurants with the Prom King, including the Buffalo Wild Wings in Montgomery, where I kicked trivia ass. We watched a lot of Scrubs episodes and I finished watching all of Arrested Development.

I met with my would-be boss and found out that his idea of marketing is my walking around and passing out flyers. And no. So I'm back to the drawing board. My plan now is to go to work with my mom and attend a workshop or two to build up my skills and thus, make myself more marketable. That's one of the problems I've run into--employers want people who are very skilled in a variety of techniques, not seeming to realize that those people don't want to work for anyone. The other problem I'm running into is businesses wanting to offer massage but not doing even the most rudimentary research. You mean we have to have a license? Whores.

So anyway, I'll be doing that. Besides all that fascinating stuff, I've:

*planned the end of my Some Band hiatus, which will be happening in November, and which will be a spectacular trip for my 10 year SomeBandiversary
*received my hotel info for that trip
--on an unrelated note, look how cute this random group of musos all dressed up is (bonus points to the Limey for keepin' it real)
*watched football and drank beer with my boyfriend (A+++)
*accepted [ profile] zooby's pumpkin challenge
*and that seekrit challenge
*exchanged many mocking text messages with my ex (p.s.: gl today bb and thanx for the new song)
*[ profile] monooka, STOP READING NOW--discovered that Joe Muggs is making Arctic Lemonade with pomegranate now--RESUME READING
*missed [ profile] monooka
*received many happy birthday wishes from many lovely people--thank you all, so much!

Now I'm going to watch the second half of 1st season Weeds. Write back soon!

P.S.: The Outback ads using Of Montreal's music freak me out, even more so now that they've made the jump to TV from radio.
Friday I went for an interview at the place I've wanted to work since I got my license. It was a two-part interview. The first part was a regular interview, which I love because all you have to do is talk about how awesome you are, and the second part was supposed to be three massages in a row. I got through the first part and as I was halfway through the first massage, it struck me--I don't want to work there. So I finished the massage (I am such a professional!) and told them that.

It was a combo of reasons: I'd have to get up at 5am (I thank the Lord for the nighttime), there are actual shifts instead of a flexible schedule, to be considered full-time I'd have to work six-hour shifts five days a week, pay is 37%, it is so far out that my phone goes to roaming...all adding up to no, thank you.

So I'm going to go with the job I posted about the other day. It's a much shorter commute, much more flexible, better pay rate, and I think I'll like it more.

After all that, I went home and changed and then returned to Birmingham to see Giant Bear, Rantings of Eva and Young Agent Jones at the Nick. I'd never seen any of them but my friend's in Rantings of Eva. The first band was Giant Bear and OMG, I love them. They did this funk blues cover of NIN's "Head Like a Hole" and that was off the rails. It sounded so different that at first, I couldn't figure out what it was but I was like, "What is this song?! I know I know it!"

After their set, I struck up a conversation with a few of the members and they were such sweethearts. Very smart, too.

"Not just the same old guitar, bass and drums rock band, Memphis’ Giant Bear creates its folk- and bluegrass-oriented Americana eclecticism by blending banjo, cello, flute, lap steel and mandolin with conventional bass and guitar."

Love them! The next band was Rantings of Eva and they were quite good. Reminded me a little of the Cure mixed with Embrace. I liked it. Next up was Young Agent Jones and they were very fun.

All in all, Friday night was more fun than a frog in a glass of milk. And I even fell in love at first sight!

Saturday, I went to see the Prom King. We didn't really have any plans and I was very tired from the night before, so we ordered in pizza and went to see Talladega Nights. And I loved every minute of it. I liked Anchorman okay and I expected to like TN but I was surprised at how much I adored it and all the dead-on bits--the idiosyncrasies of professional racing, the propensity of southerners to threaten violence at the slightest offense, the references to Nascar's early history*, etc.

*Gary Cole's car has to be a reference to Smokey Yunick, the legendary Nascar designer and mechanic. And cheater. Cheating was pretty much par for the course in early Nascar but he made it into an art. My favorite Smokey story:

Another Yunick innovation was getting around the regulations specifying a maximum size for the fuel tank, by using coils of eleven feet of two inch diameter tubing for the fuel line to add about 5 gallons to the car's fuel capacity. Once, NASCAR officials came up with a list of nine items for Yunick to fix before the car would be allowed on the track. The suspicious NASCAR officials had removed the tank for inspection. Yunick started the car with no gas tank and said "Better make it ten," and drove it back to the pits.

Sunday was a fairly lazy day. We watched the Braves and just for synchronicity, one of my favorite X-Files episodes--"The Unnatural." I think that one's really underrated--I see something different in it every time I watch it. *Sniff* I ended up spending the night Sunday, too.

Today has been fairly sedate barring the worst chore ever, which was too horrifying to relate right now. Laziness is okay, though, since I'll be busy again soon enough. I am looking forward to that. I am also looking forward to indulging in retail therapy, visiting NYC (and LA and everywhere else I wanna go), and Tinkerbelling my musical Lost Boys in this, the year of my ten year SomeBandiversary. Now if only mercury retrograde would stop kicking my ass.
1) I have a new Firefox theme. It's unbelievably tacky and I love it! It's called Pimpzilla and it's brilliant--fake fur, leopard print, and sparkly gold and diamond bling icons. Beautiful!

2) The tour dates were publicly announced today so I'll clarify my locked post from yesterday. I'm seeing Atlanta (13 November) and probably the three following Florida dates, maybe the fourth Florida date.

Publicly is a weird-looking word.

3) Holy crap. I might as well just hand my wallet to Elizabeth now.

4) I brought my big bag o' makeup to the spa on Saturday so I could do my makeup before I left on my weekend trip. It's still packed from traveling and it's just easier. Well, I stopped at a gas station when I got to Montgomery and was going to touch up my makeup. Bag wasn't in my car. I got a message from the spa asking me to come in today to do a massage. I responded that I could and mentioned my makeup bag.

Today when I went in, my boss asked me where I left the bag because she hadn't seen it. I didn't know exactly but I looked around's gone. My limited edition bag. With literally, all the makeup I own save a jar of loose powder (I take along a ziploc bag to prevent spills) and a couple of things I don't use that often. Four limited edition eyeshadows, a limited edition shower gel from Lush, all my makeup brushes...sigh. I don't understand why someone would take some used makeup but I suspect they were after the bag. They got it!

5) There appears to be movement on the His Dark Materials movie front. Reports are now surfacing that Nicole Kidman will play Mrs. Coulter, some child called Dakota Blue will be Lyra, and Eva Green will be Serafina Pekkala. OMG! We are thismuchcloser to plush Iorek Byrnisons!

6) Mr. R. Miller is playing Birmingham in a few weeks and I was planning on going when I thought it was a regular show but I found out tonight that it's actually a BBQ festival and he's playing last. I don't know how I feel about that. Sloss is spooky.

7) If you haven't seen the Strokes home movies DVD from their 2001 tour, entitled In Transit, I highly recommend it. That's where all the lines on my text icons come from ("Like a son--I adored you like a son!", for example). Those boys are so cheeky. Bonus appearances by the Moldy Peaches, whom I guess were touring with them. I think it's pretty hard to find, so if there's interest, I'll upload it. It's nothing deep but it's fun.

8) Thursday is my big jobsearching day. I have been searching but I'm really going to go aggressive tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. But I'll need a job to support my BPAL habit.

9) I will also work on the second half of my BPAL reviews.

10) And I will look forward to Friday, since we're going out for Mexican food and then seeing Talladega Nights! Shortly, everything will be coming up Salome. I can just feel it.
Tonight has been...the kind of night I would find unbelievable if I didn't have the photos to prove it. And my girls are coming to NYC!
This has been the worst week ever and the whole world has been against me, I swear to God.

Sunday: Flat tire.
Monday: Two trips to the tire store. That other news I shared with you guys regarding NYC.
Tuesday: North Korea tries to slow my roll. Kim Jong-Il is totally the Justin Timberlake of world leaders.
Wednesday: Hairstylist is closed.
Thursday: Hairstylist is out sick, find out I'll probably have to drive to Moody (1 hour, 13 minutes away) to pick up my special rate card for my PA hotel (old boss, who has to give me the card, has been building a property there and has been staying there with his family since the property is nearing completion).
Today: Drove to Moody, found out the rate card was at my old work, toured the new property anyway. Hairstylist was still out sick, fulfilled my resolution to get a haircut or die trying. I thought she cut my fringe a little short but I calmed down about it once I drove home.

Finally tonight I just gave up. The week just won. Once I let go, I started feeling very zen about things. So when my dinner exploded in the microwave, my response was, "Well, of course it did." So, now I'm feeling much better. Not physically--it may be TMI so let's just say that I'm under the thrall of very painful...hmm, what's a good euphemism? Tummycrushers. But I am happy about this and all the rest of the pleasant accompaniments happening before I leave because as my grandfather always said, if you're going to strangle someone, strangle someone you love and not a federal airport security officer. But overall, I'm finally feeling like myself again. Which is to say, spunky and defiant (of course) but also generally optimistic.

Things that make me happy:

*My frosty glass: It's not that complicated--it's just one of those mugs with the liquid inside that freezes. But it has Dale Earnhardt, Jr on it, whom I unironically love (see icon), and it is my main delivery system for icy-cold sweet tea, which is enjoyable all year but especially in weather so ridiculous that my ForecastFox just gives up and displays an exploding thermometer.
*Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade: Especially because in a repeat of last year, they went to a elementary school class and helped them make cartoons, which they are now displaying. I think this one is particularly brilliant. I'm doin It.
*[ profile] jess_d_ripper: For not only her latest incident of awesomeness but also because she's always brilliant and hilarious and totally my e-crush.
*Weapons of girlification: Maple syrup-scented shower gel. Smell like a waffle? Yes, please.
*Waffles: I love 'em.
*Saucy text messages: Especially from impeccable gentlemen like the Limey.
*I get to take a shower tomorrow!: The shower has been out of commission due to repairs so I've had to take baths. While I love soaking in baths for relaxation, they are doubleplus ungood for actually getting and feeling clean. But the shower is in, the door is in, and I will take a shower! Putting my toiletries in the shower tonight was way more exciting than it should have been.
*My trip: [ profile] monooka! [ profile] princessdidi! The Man! Those other boys! Planes and trains and automobiles! Hotel beds! Meeting strangers in bars! Meeting celebrities in bars! Reading Teen Vogue on the plane! Shoveling Polish food down my gaping maw! Naughtiness! Gigglefests! Inside jokes, neanderthals! Dirty water hot dogs! The new memories we'll create! All this and more!

And if Someone did not get the gift I suggested...aargh.
*Good music: I made a NYC Summer playlist, which makes me very happy. It has the usual suspects like Sinatra and the Beastie Boys, but some other stuff that just evokes warm weather New York to me, like Some Girls-era Stones. But of course, I love music all the time and I'm quite sad that Freya will be leaving for the iPod hospital after we get back from New York. It's enought to make a girl say "Mercy, Mercy Me." If I weren't so friggin' zen right now.
So today I texted one of the musos--

Me: I've been thinking of my time with [Some Band] as something with an end, the beginning of which is approaching. I now think this incorrect. If anything, this is the end of the beginning.
Muso: You can check out but you can never leave.
Me: I'm Tinkerbell to a bunch of musical Lost Boys.
Muso: I'm clapping my hands!

So that made me feel all squishy. Then one of the aestheticians came into the break room. "I was just on and The Strokes are coming."

"Buh? They're coming where?"
"Where here?"

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I'm going to see the Strokes next month! I'm also going to see Rose Hill Drive this month and 30 Seconds to Mars next month. And I might go to the Crawfish Boil. And Alabama is finally getting a Sephora next month. Whee!

After all that and four massages, I decided to go get a membership at the video store a few blocks down from work since driving to my home video store is sometimes a journey I don't feel up to taking after work (it's +20 minutes onto my regular drive). I got the distinct impression that the guy at the store was flirting with me and I was pleased to hear that he thinks that Wolf Creek sucked beyond the telling. Finding people that think that is becoming a surprisingly efficient way to make friends. That's how I found the lovely [ profile] sarahofthedead, after all. Then, he gave me my rental for free. Sweet! So now I have unrated Hostel-y goodness and oh my gosh, I'd forgotten how pretty Barbara Nedeljakova is. Also, after last month, the lines about the fannypack are infinitely funnier.

I finished Charmed Thirds today and I have to say, I don't get the bad reviews. I didn't really read the bad reviews before--I skimmed since they tend to be spoilery--but reading them now, it's seems they fall into a few categories: people who didn't want Jessica to grow up (read: have sex and/or use the f-word), girls that seem to be under the impression that Marcus is the protagonist and not J, Republicans who are emo because Jessica doesn't like them, people who think every college experience is just like theirs or who have never been to college, and the most popular, people who failed reading comprehension. "I can't believe [something that didn't actually happen in the book but thanks for playing]." It's not perfect--I don't think McCafferty should have tried to do all four years in one book, for one thing. But overall, I enjoyed it.

So in summary, hooray! Today was a good day. And now I'm going to stay in (sleeeepy) and watch horror movies!
Just to let everyone know, I made it to Philadelphia and Atlantic City okay and everything is good. I'm so happy to hear about [ profile] razzberryberet and her family.

I will, of course, write full recaps but to sum up: The man is very handsome and generous and we've eaten our weight in cheese fries and pizza and milkshakes and all kinds of other bad road food. I kicked ass at skeeball and won lots of things. I've realized being here how horrendous the past week was (and still is for lots of people) and being able to be here surrounded by so many people that love me has been invaluable to me. Now I'm backstage at the House of Blues and I'm waiting for the show to start.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have some wish ideas in mind but most of all, I hope that all of you who read this are safe and happy and know how much you mean to me.

Now let's go put on a rock show.
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