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I got the job. World domination, yes/yes?
I had a job interview Saturday for a position that I'm kinda excited about. I'm supposed to go back next Saturday to do some tryout massages so we'll see how it goes. The downside is, I might not be able to go on my planned NYC trip next month or may not be able to go the full time that I planned but that's okay--I've already decided that I'll try to plan a NYC trip in April if I don't get to go in March. Another downside is that I might not be able to move to San Francisco in April but tbh, I won't be able to do that anyway. The upside is, if I get this job, I'll pretty much be able to write my own check when I do move.

What will you be doing, Salome? I'm glad you asked! There's a chiropractic clinic here that's been in business for over fifty years and they want to have a massage clinic, mainly because they're tired of having to refer out their patients. So if I'm hired, I'd be in charge of the massage program and for all intents and purposes, in charge of the massage clinic, which is a separate building and business. Pretty cool, I think.

Also cool:

*I did my taxes this morning so I have that out of the way. It would be cooler if I were getting more back, of course.

*Rosa Loves is an artsy t-shirt company but they're not yr average artsy t-shirt company. They find people with stories, people who need something and they design a shirt inspired by that need. "Each story will be told through stimulating graphics and actual text that will appear on the inverse of the shirt directly in line with the heart, where the Rosa Loves movement stems from." Then they use the proceeds of each shirt to pay for the inspiration's need. So for example, sales of their Indo Made shirt will buy Made a fishing boat. Sales of their Burdened and Regrowth shirts will benefit the Coley family, a woman and her grandchildren, who lost their home to a fire.

*Paoli Nutini--I adore this boy.

*Virb--Anyone on there? Add me. If you want to be on there, I've got a few invites available. It's still so new that you can probably get whatever page name you want.

*Ice Breakers Ice Cube gum--Why is it so hard to find?

*BPAL's Neil Gaiman collection--I want Mr. Ibis and Mr. Jacquel and Mr. Nancy. Oh and Mama-Ji.

*Thinking about traveling to New Orleans

*Planning continuing education massage classes--Lomi Lomi training in Hawaii? Aromatherapy in Provence? Medical Massage certification in Costa Rica? And yes, some totally boring stuff about trade shows and taxes. I love learning.
If you visit my hiptop blog, you can see pictures of my boyfriend's new ladyfriend. Her name is Dixie and we picked her out yesterday at the Humane Society. That was hard--when we were walking in, I was like, "I'll take one of everything!" The Prom King is actually the second person to adopt her--the first family adopted her, tried crate-training her (never mind that she was really too young for that), and returned her the next day because she cried all night. Those people? Suck.

Is it Kal Penn week on TV? First he's on 24, in a completely pointless storyline and tonight, on SVU. And can we go back to 24 for a sec? Are they trying to win the coveted "I'm So Sure" award? The President ordered an airstrike on a random house in like, El Segundo? I'm so sure.

Also on the "I'm So Sure" radar: A&E, CSI: Miami and The Sopranos are miles apart in quality so plz quit trying to advertise them together. Yes, they're both on your network in syndication. That's all they have in common. Besides [livejournal.com profile] zooby's deep and abiding balls-deep love for balls.

Earlier this evening, I watched the Takashi Miike episode of Masters of Horror, called "Imprint." For those of you who don't know MoH, it's a Showtime program and here's part of the description from wiki: "The show follows an anthology format, with each one-hour episode featuring a short film directed by a well-known horror film director. Since the show airs on a premium cable network, it routinely features more extreme levels of violence, nudity, and profanity than that of a typical television program." Speaking of extreme...Takashi Miike! For those of you who don't know that magnificent bastard, here is a quote I found that sums him up well:

"For the uninitiated, let's just say the guy is arguably the most 'extreme' film maker on the planet. And by 'extreme' I mean, 'Holy Fucking Shit What The Fuck Am I Fucking Watching I Need A Shower And Then Maybe Church' extreme film making."

So..."Imprint." Famously not shown on Masters on Horror after Showtime refused to air it--although really...what were they thinking? What kind of program did they expect Miike to deliver?

And how was it? Uneven but good. The acting quality is wildly varied, for one--Michie is good but Billy Drago is so over the top that it's comical. And this has nothing to do with "Imprint" but I had no idea he was Darren E. Burrows's dad. Bottom line: I liked it but this is definitely not something I'd recommend to just everyone. The torture scene was even worse than ===SPOILER SPOILER=== Odishon's "kiri kiri kiri" scene,===END SPOILER=== during which I had to leave the room.

I went for a job interview Sunday and that was a bit odd. First of all, I've never had a job interview on a Sunday. Second, the people I met with were nice and I'm sure if everything was ready, they'd be lovely to work with but...their spa isn't built. Construction hasn't even started. They're not expecting to open until March and I need a job before then. I told them I'd meet with them again next Sunday but I'm going to email and politely cancel. And then contact two new leads.

Right now? Degrassi, oh hells yes.
So jobhunting blows, as per usual. It's not that I'm surprised, though. It's amazing, though, how many employers say they'll contact you and then don't. I don't know if it's akin to the dating "I'll call you", if it's a misguided attempt for the prospective employee to show initiative or my personal suspicion, indicative of a greater problem. You see, when employers tell me they'll call me and then they don't, I immediately suspect that this lack of attention to detail is only the beginning and "Oops, I forgot to return your call" will turn into "Oops, we won't have paychecks until after 2pm" or "Oops, I forgot to not break the law."

If I don't get a spa job like I want, I won't be too miffed. I noticed today that my old hotel job here is hiring for the position I used to fill. Um, I can do that!

In better news, I was unsure where I was in my Netflix queue--I have a yooge list of TV series at the top, although I occasionally move movies and whatnot to the top*--because I'd just finished a series. So imagine my surprise when Degrassi: TNG showed up at my door. Canadian teen melodrama? Oh, hells yes! I watched every version of Degrassi until TNG, because the haters at my cable company also do not supply Noggin/The N.

[livejournal.com profile] rockgeisha watches Degrassi: A play in one act:

Emma, quoting her Treeemail: "You saved my heart and my prohject.
Salome: "Prohject"! Canadian accents, LOL!
Salome's head: *explodes in delight*

Dear Canadia,




I need that kind of joy because I am attempting for the first time to watch When the Levees Broke. That, combined with thinking about working for the old hotel again, has me thinking of the weeks I spent with evacuees.

When the levees broke: Very depressing and I'll probably get embarrassed and delete it later )

It was a beautiful day.
So I didn't get the job I was hoping for. Oh, well.

But I did get my Sidekick! I am pleased to introduce Thor. His number is 251.229.0301--I don't know why I got a number with a Mobile area code (read: way at the other end of the state) but it's cool. I love it so much!

You can read my hiplog here.

I had a minor freakout this weekend about leaving my job but now I feel good about it again. Like I said before, I will. I will do whatever I want to do. I am not afraid anymore.

I talked to my boyfriend about San Francisco. I told him that I knew he could't move there atm--just bought a house--and if he wanted to break up with me, I understood but it's something I need to do, even if only for a little while. Surprisingly, he was okay with this. I mean, he'll feel how he feels obvs but he didn't want to break up.

I feel a tinge of shame, as if I should feel guilty about this, as if I'm being selfish. But then I think, I haven't been selfish enough. For too long, I've been thinking, I can't do this because I have to do that, or Who will do that if I leave to do this? and...enough. I must live my life, if only because there is no one else to do it for me.

Now that sounds a little too dramatic so let's lighten up, shall we? I am basking in the glory of not having to do anything for a short time, as I'm sure I'll have plenty to do shortly--if I don't find a regular massage job within two weeks, I'm taking the first dumb job that comes along. Today I'm:

*relaxing with my beloved City Confidential (please repeat the Knoxville episode soon!), *thinking about making cookies--have to do something with this bag of Nestle Chocolatier dark chocolate chunks...pumpkin chocolate chip?

*Feeling okay. Okay?
Oof, I went running today after a prolonged period of not running and ow. Actually, I walked for a bit on the treadmill first and felt like I was going to die. The room in which we keep the treadmill is hot and stuffy and weird, though, so I bagged on that and went for my path in the woods.

I discovered that the serial killer that lives next door has mown my running path. Like, the entire path. It seems nice, I know, but obviously he only cleared it so he can catch me alone and slaughter me. Ass.

I'm very proud of myself for going out there, though, because like I said, it's a been a while. And I drove the two hours home from Montgomery this morning. I went to the Prom King's house on Friday and got there just in time for football. Most of the games were pretty good but Alabama's? Shriek. Leigh Tiffin? *insert obscene jibbering* The King during the game: "You've like, reached a whole new level of cursing." Seriously, Leigh Tiffin. &(%%*%^!!!!!

I guess I should be easier on him. I imagine he feels bad, missing FOUR TIMES and all. And it's gotta be hard having a dad who made "The Kick" and then having everyone expect you to be just like him. The King: Maybe that was the problem--it's hard to see in his dad's shadow.

After the game, I cheered myself up by watching Leigh's dad Van actually complete a kick. Then my Auburn-loving consort demanded equal time so we had to watch that dreadful "punt, Bama, punt" incident. (No, I'm not linking an explanation.) I found out that the guy who blocked the kick is actually the dad of one of our former classmates. Weird.

Also cheering me up? The BPAL he ordered came in! He ordered me Et Lux Fuit and Chaos Theory III, of course, and my frimps were Madrid, Golden Priapus, Drink Me, and French Love. I never would have ordered ELF but I really dig it and my Chaos Theory is strange but interesting.

After an afternoon of football and slathering myself in scents, we went out for sushi, which was yummy. I'm starting to really love that place we go to in Montgomery. It's not the best food I've ever had but I really like the atmosphere there.

Sunday was a lazy day, filled with more football, Mellow Mushroom and animated programs on Fox. I was too tired to drive home last night so I spent the night again, drove back this morning like I said, and that brings us up to here. Lessee, I last posted Thursday, right? I meant to tell you guys that my wordless excitement then had nothing to do with the plot of that show.

Anyhoo, what else did I leave out? Oh, I interviewed for a job Wednesday. I thought it went well, especially when my prospective boss summed up our choices in the last Presidential election as "a turd sandwich and a big douche." It's that kind of connection that I hope to find in an employer. Overall, I really liked the place, its location, and the whole vibe. Hope I get it.

Now I'm watching Heroes--this new TV season is confusing me!--and working on some other applications. I've also gone live with a real post at a new blog and I'll edit in the link after I confer with my neighbors from the north so look forward to that. Finally, since that thing happened on CSI and the sound went all gloopy because of youknowwhat, here's the song you missed. Byebye now.
So. Last time I said that I'd write about what I did the weekend before but then I realized that it really wasn't all that interesting. I went to some restaurants with the Prom King, including the Buffalo Wild Wings in Montgomery, where I kicked trivia ass. We watched a lot of Scrubs episodes and I finished watching all of Arrested Development.

I met with my would-be boss and found out that his idea of marketing is my walking around and passing out flyers. And no. So I'm back to the drawing board. My plan now is to go to work with my mom and attend a workshop or two to build up my skills and thus, make myself more marketable. That's one of the problems I've run into--employers want people who are very skilled in a variety of techniques, not seeming to realize that those people don't want to work for anyone. The other problem I'm running into is businesses wanting to offer massage but not doing even the most rudimentary research. You mean we have to have a license? Whores.

So anyway, I'll be doing that. Besides all that fascinating stuff, I've:

*planned the end of my Some Band hiatus, which will be happening in November, and which will be a spectacular trip for my 10 year SomeBandiversary
*received my hotel info for that trip
--on an unrelated note, look how cute this random group of musos all dressed up is (bonus points to the Limey for keepin' it real)
*watched football and drank beer with my boyfriend (A+++)
*accepted [livejournal.com profile] zooby's pumpkin challenge
*and that seekrit challenge
*exchanged many mocking text messages with my ex (p.s.: gl today bb and thanx for the new song)
*[livejournal.com profile] monooka, STOP READING NOW--discovered that Joe Muggs is making Arctic Lemonade with pomegranate now--RESUME READING
*missed [livejournal.com profile] monooka
*received many happy birthday wishes from many lovely people--thank you all, so much!

Now I'm going to watch the second half of 1st season Weeds. Write back soon!

P.S.: The Outback ads using Of Montreal's music freak me out, even more so now that they've made the jump to TV from radio.
Can I just say that I love Two-A-Days? I could never get interested in Laguna Beach but football? At an Alabama high school? OMG, I'm so there. Coach Propst worked at my high school for two years and of course, I know all the landmarks and whatnot in Birmingham so it's very fun to watch. I could have done without seeing a certain 103.7 DJ but that's okay. Besides that, I love this show! This question from TWoP amused me:

"Did we answer the question about the boys and their hair? They all look the same hair combed over their foreheads. Is it a football team bonding thing or is this popular in the south right now?"

I guess it's a southern thing or at least an Alabama thing because nearly every teenage boy I know does his hair like that.

While I'm on the subject of football, roll tide. And okay...War damn eagle. I guess I have to be magnaninous now that I'm in a "mixed" relationship, as they say down here.

Today we had a surprise birthday party for my dad, since he's turning 50 and a not surprise birthday party for me. My dad's birthday isn't actually until the 20th (and mine is actually Tuesday) but he and my stepmother came up to visit for Labor Day weekend so we all gathered at my aunt and uncle's house. This is the same aunt and uncle whose son was dating my former coworker and I didn't even think until I got there that Duke, the pit bull who used to be theirs and is now his, would be there. He is so big now! I wish I'd brought my camera because he was a widdle puppy the last time I saw him and now he's nearly full-grown. He may already be fully grown but a little scrawny because he had parvo as a pup, though. He's so cute now!

Most of my dad's family was there, like my female college-age cousin who was there with her boyfriend. I suspect that he's the type of guy that I would have liked in college as my cousin is like a mini-rockgeisha in college. Nowadays, though, I'm like, LOL. The boyfriend is not nearly as weird or edgy as he thinks he is. He goes to Alabama so we did the whole what-dorm-do-you-live-in thing and he gave me this annoying knowing look when I said that although I lived in Tutwiler (kind of a sorority feeder hall), I spent a lot of free time at Mallet. I also spent a lot of time on Old Row. I contain multitudes, sucka! (P.S.: The Machine doesn't exist.)

When I went outside with my dad so he could look at my tires (this is a totally normal thing in my family), I was shocked that she hadn't cleaned up her car before she came over. In this family, you always clean out your car before you see your dad!

My sister and I entertained our dad with impressions. She did impressions of his brothers and I did impressions of the horribly untalented, heavily Canadian-accented "actors" in the godawful horror movie I watched Friday--Dark Fields. "Josh, I'm not kidding! Get your hand oat!" It's not on IMDB! It's that bad! [I will soon write more about this in my really needs to be updated horror blog.]

Tomorrow (later today, really), I'm going to Montgomery for my birthday date. I don't know what exactly we're going to do--dinner and something (movie? bowling? batting cage?)--but I'm sure we'll have fun. Especially since my boyfriend is a complete lunatic who called me Thursday night to ask me why I wasn't watching the Mississippi game. Er, because there are three episodes of The Office on? I don't care about Mississippi? He is crazy?

I was thinking about Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner tomorrow. Is it good? Mainly I want to go for the trivia game--we're so competitive about everything anyway that I think it'd be better to focus that energy for good or for awesome. Instead of at each other, like when we almost killed each other during the World Series of Pop Culture.

I'll start work this week. Well, I'm going to meet with my new boss and discuss my marketing plan, so I should really make a new one soon. I'm very excited about all this. I've been feeling lately like life has been boring and I finally feel like I'm going to have adventures again soon. And also a new cell phone. The important things in life.
1) I finished all of Firefly and watched Serenity a couple of times and? I wish I'd never seen it just so I could watch it all over again.* It's not helping much my daydreams about running away and joining the circus or possibly a pirate ship.

2) After calling a couple of times and getting no response back, I finally called my would-be boss today to find out that "Hopefully your paperwork will go through and you can start marketing next week" is actually not an indication that I've been hired. Actually it means, "I interviewed another person and I'll make my decision by the end of the week." !!!

So I'm going back to the drawing board re: employment. I hope I can find another place to work because not returning calls is crap. Not to mention this whole changing one's entire story thing. It was just really distressing because I didn't intend to be out of work for nigh on a month as I have been.

3) But seriously...I turned my cell phone back on. I've had it off for about a month because I was taking this hiatus thing for reals and yet if I'd turn it on to get someone's number or other information, it would chirp "So-and-so tried to send you a message" over and over again.

So it's back on and you may resume your frantic texting.

4) *Back to the Firefly/Serenityverse, I am very fangirly right now and I usually don't get like that. I mean, sure--when I get into something new, I like to get icons and whatnot, especially if I could get some of River "dancing" (while also killing reavers). But I'm actually compelled to read fanfic! And perhaps build a paper model of Serenity. And definitely have sex with Nathan Fillion. (I haven't checked TWoP--can I still claim his speechless facial expression?) You know, the usual.

5) And since I clearly have too much free time, if it's not too much trouble, could you wish good job finding vibes upon me? While you're at, tell that [livejournal.com profile] baggy_lettuce to have a happy birthday! I hope it's carefree and sunny and fun and you know, like a tampon advert.

Bye-bye, now.

Ooh! Bonus P.S.!

P.S.: BPALers, tonight/early tomorrow will be the likely Halloween update. The time limit for ordering the Black Moons will be extended for those of you who were holding off on ordering until you saw the Halloweenie scents. Remember, the Lab is on pacific time so don't stay up too late if you're not planning on it. If you are, bring your pajamas and your favorite scent to the speculation thread at the forum. Have fun!

Also, tonight is the Kyle XY season finale. Eee!
Friday I went for an interview at the place I've wanted to work since I got my license. It was a two-part interview. The first part was a regular interview, which I love because all you have to do is talk about how awesome you are, and the second part was supposed to be three massages in a row. I got through the first part and as I was halfway through the first massage, it struck me--I don't want to work there. So I finished the massage (I am such a professional!) and told them that.

It was a combo of reasons: I'd have to get up at 5am (I thank the Lord for the nighttime), there are actual shifts instead of a flexible schedule, to be considered full-time I'd have to work six-hour shifts five days a week, pay is 37%, it is so far out that my phone goes to roaming...all adding up to no, thank you.

So I'm going to go with the job I posted about the other day. It's a much shorter commute, much more flexible, better pay rate, and I think I'll like it more.

After all that, I went home and changed and then returned to Birmingham to see Giant Bear, Rantings of Eva and Young Agent Jones at the Nick. I'd never seen any of them but my friend's in Rantings of Eva. The first band was Giant Bear and OMG, I love them. They did this funk blues cover of NIN's "Head Like a Hole" and that was off the rails. It sounded so different that at first, I couldn't figure out what it was but I was like, "What is this song?! I know I know it!"

After their set, I struck up a conversation with a few of the members and they were such sweethearts. Very smart, too.

"Not just the same old guitar, bass and drums rock band, Memphis’ Giant Bear creates its folk- and bluegrass-oriented Americana eclecticism by blending banjo, cello, flute, lap steel and mandolin with conventional bass and guitar."

Love them! The next band was Rantings of Eva and they were quite good. Reminded me a little of the Cure mixed with Embrace. I liked it. Next up was Young Agent Jones and they were very fun.

All in all, Friday night was more fun than a frog in a glass of milk. And I even fell in love at first sight!

Saturday, I went to see the Prom King. We didn't really have any plans and I was very tired from the night before, so we ordered in pizza and went to see Talladega Nights. And I loved every minute of it. I liked Anchorman okay and I expected to like TN but I was surprised at how much I adored it and all the dead-on bits--the idiosyncrasies of professional racing, the propensity of southerners to threaten violence at the slightest offense, the references to Nascar's early history*, etc.

*Gary Cole's car has to be a reference to Smokey Yunick, the legendary Nascar designer and mechanic. And cheater. Cheating was pretty much par for the course in early Nascar but he made it into an art. My favorite Smokey story:

Another Yunick innovation was getting around the regulations specifying a maximum size for the fuel tank, by using coils of eleven feet of two inch diameter tubing for the fuel line to add about 5 gallons to the car's fuel capacity. Once, NASCAR officials came up with a list of nine items for Yunick to fix before the car would be allowed on the track. The suspicious NASCAR officials had removed the tank for inspection. Yunick started the car with no gas tank and said "Better make it ten," and drove it back to the pits.

Sunday was a fairly lazy day. We watched the Braves and just for synchronicity, one of my favorite X-Files episodes--"The Unnatural." I think that one's really underrated--I see something different in it every time I watch it. *Sniff* I ended up spending the night Sunday, too.

Today has been fairly sedate barring the worst chore ever, which was too horrifying to relate right now. Laziness is okay, though, since I'll be busy again soon enough. I am looking forward to that. I am also looking forward to indulging in retail therapy, visiting NYC (and LA and everywhere else I wanna go), and Tinkerbelling my musical Lost Boys in this, the year of my ten year SomeBandiversary. Now if only mercury retrograde would stop kicking my ass.
So, I got a job. Yep.
So. Hi, there! It's been a couple of days since we've chatted. Kick your shoes off, stay a while.

Well, I've mostly been working on my job search lately. I had an interview Monday and tomorrow, I'm scheduling another one. I don't really want the job I interviewed for Monday but I'll reconsider if I don't get the one I really want. Anywho, I should get a job shortly and we can stop this totally boring line of conversation.

Friday, I drove down to Montgomery to see the Prom King. We were planning to have Mexican food and see Talladega Nights. We indeed had Mexican at Ixtapa but I didn't realize until my drive down that they were planning to make a rather large deal out of the opening of TN in Montgomery with prizes and hoopla and the kid who plays Texas Ranger. So all the showings were sold out except for the 11:45PM one. We chose to see The Descent, instead. I liked it a lot. Prom King didn't like the ending because he didn't think the hero should have been the hero but he doesn't know the horror movie rules.

Abandon all hope like, totally now--Myspace is the most visited website in the US. And speaking of, I need space for like, a top 84. Or maybe just a top 27. You get the majority of it filled with the people you know you want and then you have to agonize over the last two or three. And then people top you so you feel like you should reciprocate but you don't really want to. Aaagh! Myspace politics. If only someone on my friends list were studying all this.

Other myspace angst: I'm trying to get my friends list down to 350 but it's not working. I got it down to 375 but somehow it's climbed to 391 again. Am I really accepting that many requests? I thought I was being much pickier.

Via [livejournal.com profile] alicetiara*, I read this stomach-turning article about Joe Francis, mastermind of the Girls Gone Wild empire and...If you go wild in a Girls Gone Wild video, you're an idiot. If you film a Girls Gone Wild video, you're an idiot. If you manufacture, promote, distribute, and/or sell a Girls Gone Wild video. you're an idiot. If you're Joe Francis, oh you better believe that you're an idiot. And you should be first against the wall.

Seriously. I don't have a dog in the whole Brangelina/Vaughnifer fight, but I'm pretty sure hanging with Joe Francis is an automatic lose, Jen and Vince.

Any. Way. I still have to finish the second half of my BPAL reviews and upload the Strokes thing. YSI is being so testy. You can actually watch the Strokes dealie on youtube if you're absolutely determined to see it right now, though.

Today I'm going to do some jobhunting and some cleaning and horror movie watching and perhaps prank calling people with the help of Samuel L. Jackson. A typical day.

And I'll be remembering. Eleven years. Thank you, Jerry.

*I also blame [livejournal.com profile] alicetiara for the fact that I have the SoaP theme song stuck in my head.
1) I have a new Firefox theme. It's unbelievably tacky and I love it! It's called Pimpzilla and it's brilliant--fake fur, leopard print, and sparkly gold and diamond bling icons. Beautiful!

2) The tour dates were publicly announced today so I'll clarify my locked post from yesterday. I'm seeing Atlanta (13 November) and probably the three following Florida dates, maybe the fourth Florida date.

Publicly is a weird-looking word.

3) Holy crap. I might as well just hand my wallet to Elizabeth now.

4) I brought my big bag o' makeup to the spa on Saturday so I could do my makeup before I left on my weekend trip. It's still packed from traveling and it's just easier. Well, I stopped at a gas station when I got to Montgomery and was going to touch up my makeup. Bag wasn't in my car. I got a message from the spa asking me to come in today to do a massage. I responded that I could and mentioned my makeup bag.

Today when I went in, my boss asked me where I left the bag because she hadn't seen it. I didn't know exactly but I looked around and...it's gone. My limited edition bag. With literally, all the makeup I own save a jar of loose powder (I take along a ziploc bag to prevent spills) and a couple of things I don't use that often. Four limited edition eyeshadows, a limited edition shower gel from Lush, all my makeup brushes...sigh. I don't understand why someone would take some used makeup but I suspect they were after the bag. They got it!

5) There appears to be movement on the His Dark Materials movie front. Reports are now surfacing that Nicole Kidman will play Mrs. Coulter, some child called Dakota Blue will be Lyra, and Eva Green will be Serafina Pekkala. OMG! We are thismuchcloser to plush Iorek Byrnisons!

6) Mr. R. Miller is playing Birmingham in a few weeks and I was planning on going when I thought it was a regular show but I found out tonight that it's actually a BBQ festival and he's playing last. I don't know how I feel about that. Sloss is spooky.

7) If you haven't seen the Strokes home movies DVD from their 2001 tour, entitled In Transit, I highly recommend it. That's where all the lines on my text icons come from ("Like a son--I adored you like a son!", for example). Those boys are so cheeky. Bonus appearances by the Moldy Peaches, whom I guess were touring with them. I think it's pretty hard to find, so if there's interest, I'll upload it. It's nothing deep but it's fun.

8) Thursday is my big jobsearching day. I have been searching but I'm really going to go aggressive tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. But I'll need a job to support my BPAL habit.

9) I will also work on the second half of my BPAL reviews.

10) And I will look forward to Friday, since we're going out for Mexican food and then seeing Talladega Nights! Shortly, everything will be coming up Salome. I can just feel it.



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