Although I was initially slightly miffed (I was totally sour) about my school being the only one in the region--nay, the state*--which was not canceled on Snow Day/BCS Championship Game Day, I must admit that it was kind of nice not having that much traffic on the way to school. Also, I really like driving in the snow. Walking in it, not so much. In fact, it was when I was getting teabagged by snow flakes on my way to anthropology class that I wondered if I could, in fact, melt the snow by the heat of my pure rage.

Speaking of, you know how to make a class of students already irritated that they're in class while no one else is even madder? Have the first website you bring up on the overhead be "10 Reasons Why Texas Will Beat Alabama." (PS: Some chicken, some neck.)

About a week before school started, I'd been eager to return, actually getting bored with winter break. What was I thinking? There was Christmas and I got some pretty cool things, including the floral print Doc Martens I wanted from my mom and Hunter boots from my dad (I live in t-shirts and boots, yes). The Docs have helped a lot with the ongoing snow. In fact, they probably would have helped the dude I saw break his leg as I was arriving at the bookstore on Friday. He stepped off the curb and that was it.

Tomorrow I will go back to school and here is a pointless complaint: I hate the tables in my anthro class. They're not regular tables with regular chairs--the chairs are connected to the table, two at a time, and they swivel and dip and rotate on their axes like a non-mechanized Scrambler. Theoretically, I think, a person with normal length legs would sit there normally, all la dee dah, look at me--I have human size legs. Smaller people, like myself, instead have to cling to the table like a wood tick, because every time I let go, I feel not unlike I'm going to be flung against the wall. I just want to go back to my building (the home of the history dept), where the tables are normal. And all my other classes are in the same room (save forensic science, which is online).

Upside, the guy who sits in front of me kind of looks like Ezra Koenig**. He wore a trenchcoat to class on Thursday. And a sweater over a buttondown. He has a Vineyard Vines sticker on his laptop. He is so preppy that I almost can't take it.

Tonight, I went to Hobby Lobby, to pick up some supplies for a terrible cross-stitch project I'm working on. It shares a wall with a gym and I guess Monday's an aerobics night, because the whole time I was in that corner of the store, I'd hear periodic yelps of encouragement. Shopping was very exciting. WOOOOOOOO, EMBROIDERING WITH A HOOP!

[Sidenote: Perfume people, they're selling these boxes that are ostensibly for tea storage, but would be perfect for 5ml bottles--lids with glass insets, built in dividers.]

*Possibly not true
**I call him space student. PS: "I Think Ur A Contra" rulez!

  • I was browsing the iTunes store last night (looking for female-sung alternapop; ended up having a nostalgia breakdown and stocking up on my old riot grrrl favorites) and I checked out the celebrity playlists. They've got the cast of Watchmen. Malin Akerman was first and one of her choices is "Dreamworld" by Rilo Kiley. Says Akerman, "Rilo is such a great artist. All of her songs are my favorite..."

    I, uh...yeah. Besides the obvious, I'm pretty sure that's Blake singing lead.

    [As far as I can tell, Zach Snyder is the only one who chooses a version of "Hallelujah." The version, by Allison Crowe, is okay.]

  • Can I just add the site to my cart?

  • Okay, I know Carol Burnett was the big draw for tonight's SVU episode but whooooa, Matthew Lillard looks crazy! You know who he looks like? Remember that episode of Full House where DJ goes on the date with the mustachioed dude who looks crazy old and thus, totally inappropriate for DJ? Yeah, he looks like that guy. That's your boyfriend, by the way.

    Roger! That was his name. That guy went on to play Hannah's dad on Veronica Mars.

  • I saw Last House on the Left Saturday. 12 people walked out, which I gleefully twittered. As for my thoughts, I agree with this paragraph from the Pajiba review: It’s frustrating because one can see throughout the film moments of where it could have been so much better. There are two families here, one of love and one of violence, but families with loyalty nonetheless. There is the potential for a beautiful intertwining of two stories: a boy rejecting the monstrosity of his father, a father becoming a monster on behalf of his daughter. It seems at quiet moments to realize its potential as a meditation on violence, but jettisons that too often for the cheesy violence of bad horror. It does not seem to realize that its most horrific moments are not filled with blood, but with Garret Dillahunt’s smile.

  • Speaking of movies, I just read that James Franco is playing Allen Ginsberg and this movie will also feature Mary-Louise Parker and Paul Rudd. I believe it will be called America, this movie is awesome.

  • I used to listen this reading of "America" by the man himself (and Tom Waits, the most patient man in rock) all the time. [Video may be NSFW.] Hearing him read it illuminated the poem. This part always breaks my heart:

    Are you going to let your emotional life be run by Time Magazine?
    I'm obsessed by Time Magazine.
    I read it every week.
    Its cover stares at me every time I slink past the corner candystore.
    I read it in the basement of the Berkeley Public Library.
    It's always telling me about responsibility. Businessmen are serious. Movie
    producers are serious. Everybody's serious but me.
    It occurs to me that I am America.
    I am talking to myself again.

  • But back to Paul Rudd for a sec, did you know that he and Jon Hamm were college friends? Oh, yeah. It's true. "He's adorable. There's no two ways about it," says Hamm.

  • I've been making amazing strides with my screenplay. I didn't so much neglect it as I did have a momentary crisis of confidence. Now though, I've regained motivation and momentum and that's helped me regain my confidence in it and my ability to write it. Part of what has helped has been Twitter of all things. When I've got daily meditations on art via David Lynch and that man named Ludacris (woo!), among others, that helps keep me focused. In addition, I've been doing creative writing exercises with a friend of mine who is also working on his own artistic endeavor, and I've found that doing so keeps my brain in the right frame of mind to create. I think I've come up with a title. I was able to give the pitch clearly and concisely, as opposed to the novella-length uh-studded mess it has been. Finally, being on spring break and having time to rest and to reflect has also helped.

  • And now that I've made the post-Vicodin Herculean effort to write that, I must go nap and catch up on my Tivo (I set a recording for "Sex and the Civil War"? Really?) and exchange coded Tweets and birthday party cheesecake jellybean boom before I descend into total incoherence. You know...stuuuuuff.

  • I've been exceedingly tardy in wishing happy birthdays. So very belated good wishes to [ profile] melissa_maples and [ profile] ladycakes.

  • If you would like to visualize me using my new spam musubi press, make sure your mental jukebox cues up "You Make My Dreams" by Hall and/or Oates first. Otherwise, you won't get the full effect.

  • Speaking of that song, I cannot wait until the soundtrack for 500 Days of Summer comes out. I do not care about the Stereogum comments about how it's "trying too hard to be indie" or how it's targeted to a certain demographic (and on the latter, hi--welcome to the world)--sometimes I just want to enjoy things.

  • Like Thou Shalt Always Kill, which contains two of my personal truths, Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry and Some people are just nice. And also, Thou shalt not put musicians and recording artists on ridiculous pedestals.

  • I am in the middle of watching Supernatural season 2 and it is quite excellent. The ending of the HH Holmes episode (the ending of the job, not the actual episode) was delicious justice. Casting Linda Blair (I just finished watching "The Usual Suspects") is also cool. I wish they could have figured out more to do with Alona Tal, though--I love her scenes with Jensen. [See here for his "REO Speedwagon?!"* face.]

  • I think I'm going to do something really wild for spring break, like hole up somewhere and write. However, I'm not sure I'll be able to get away actually, so I may pull an Al Bundy and just set up a fence around my chair.

  • Getting ready to start my Victory Garden. I think I've found the missing ingredient. It's what plants crave.

  • Stephon Marbury Embroils Celtics' Big 3 In Elaborate Shakespearean Intrigue: "Stephon told me that the other two guys hated me because I was the most talented," said Pierce, who said speaking with Marbury was beginning to make him feel uncomfortable. "He said I should beware jealousy because it was 'the green-ey'd monster which doth mock / The meat it feeds on.' But I was like, 'Stephon, first of all, Kevin is a way better player than I am.'

  • Dolphin and tiger share a moment. I love that other dolphin. "I have a ring! A ring! I have a ring! A ri--aw, screw you guys."

  • More fashion show love courtesy of Michelle Collins.

  • I was trying to find more (I am a nerd) Jefferson tees (I am a nerd) and was weirded out by the merchandise attempting to co-opt him as a neocon hero, not to mention the generally uggo designs. The best design I've seen on Zazzle so far is by someone who also sells an "Change Is Also What Germany Was Looking For in 1932" bumper sticker, which...oh, good Lord. I thought I told you to wait in the truck. And is this what font I think it is? Ugh. Oh and by the way.

    So thank you, Dutch Southern for this, which makes it all better. (Most of their shirts are pretty sweet, by the way--the Tarantino Babies are adorable.)

    I need to stop getting myself riled up before I spend all afternoon designing my own shirts. Again.

  • I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast. Forgive me--they were delicious, so sweet and so cold.

*Jo: What?
Dean: REO Speedwagon?!
Jo: Damn right, REO. Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart.
Dean: He sings it from the hair--there's a difference.
1) Oakley Frogskins: I am hesitant about rewearing any trends I wore the first time, but thanks to a special friend who gifted me with a pair in Wildberry n' Milk, I am now the coolest kid in elementary school. It's a simple style, similar to Wayfarers but Frogskins come in way more varieties--about a million colorways by my estimation. (I am not good at estimating.) You can get them in basic/classic colors like black, brown, or tortoiseshell or you can go for the pattern-of-the-moment. I love the Colette x Oakley:

2) When I am not wearing those, I'm sporting my grandfather's vintage Persols, thus completing my transition into being an old man.

3) I love Lil Wayne's voice so much that my notebooks read "Mr. and Mrs. Lil Wayne's voice." It doesn't matter what he may be talking about--imploring the world to fellate him in the manner one would consume hard candy on a stick, genocide, hating puppies--I just love it. I believe Rolling Stone described it best: "a needling, grizzled croak that's one of the most distinctive sounds in pop music." His bit on T-Pain's "Can't Believe It" is like pure, crystallized joy to me.

4) Speaking of my love for music to drop one's underpants to, the work done by the mad geniuses who reprogram the Rockafire Explosion band to do modern music fills me with glee. Yeah, I know two children's pizza establishments entered and Chuck E. Cheese was the one left standing, but Showbiz was always my favorite. I may be remembering with the mythic gloss that only childhood memories have, but the one in Montgomery (Alabama) was AWESOME. See most of the videos here.

5) True Blood makes me so happy. A show about a young southern woman living in her grandmother's house in a small southern town? I can't imagine why that would speak to me. Oh and she's sweet on a brooding older man with an eventful past? Yeah, doesn't ring a bell.
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Oh, that's cool:
  • The new Google phone: I was looking around at new smartphones and my iphone dreams died when I got a look at AT&T's coverage map. Nothing at Verizon really did it for me, so I headed over to my current carrier, Tmo and saw the link for the G1. I'll let you guess at what moment I was sold. I will do some more wait and see with reviews until I actually give them money, though.

  • What's the only thing that would make sweet tea better? Oh, child.

  • Drunk history (that's vol. 1). Funny and still more coherent than my assbad world history class.

  • Excavation at the WTC site reveals Ice Age bedrock. They're a page right out of history...

  • I made cup pies finally (they were becoming my culinary Satchel Paige musical) and they were everything I dreamed they could be.

Ugh, that is not cool:

  • My assbad world history class.

  • The Emmys. (See also: watching the Emmys, having to write about the Emmys, the Emmys cutting off Kirk Ellis in mid-acceptance speech, the hosts for the Emmys, and my personal nadir, the fact that--light of my life, fire of my loins--Stephen Dillane was ROBBED!!!1!.)

  • “I have a commitment not to kiss any other woman,” Kirk Cameron told Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford Monday on TODAY in New York. "Even in acting, you're still doing it." To get around the conflict, the filmmakers employed a bit of movie magic, Cameron explained. They dressed his wife, actress Chelsea Noble, like the movie’s female lead and shot the scene in silhouette.

  • I still have staples in my leg. :(
Medicom is about to release two sets of Dark Knight-themed Be@rbrick & Kubrick figures--one Batman set and one Joker set. Is it awesome? Yes, it is.

Why so serious? )

Bonus link: What does lipstick say about the Joker(s)?
I am obsessed with Imaginary Foundation t-shirts lately. The designs are beautiful and they're inspirational but not in a Precious Moments kind of way. They're clever and a little funny but not in a "Gettin' lucky in Kentucky" kind of way.

Speaking of design, Richard Prince has done the impossible--he made me want a LV bag. They've never appealed to me for a variety of reasons, including that I don't like the monogram design and they were (and still are) everywhere. But I love Richard Prince! The "Joke" bags are not my favorite--python, gross--but I am embarrassed about my feelings for the Weekender PM. Also, I'm amused that the line itself is being considered "controversial" in some circles. I laughed when I saw a comment on one bag site declaring a Joke bag, which is printed with Henny Youngmanesque riffs, as offensive as the Zara swastika bag. Oh, yes. "Take my wife...please": Like a swastika!

Via a link in [ profile] sf_drama, I took the Internet Culture IQ test and scored an embarrassing 197. I wonder how much useful knowledge in my brain has been replaced by internet memes and commercial jingles. ("One Price Optical, where it's no lie--everything's $39.95! Single vision lenses and eyeglass frames, contact lenses--all priced the same! One Price Optical ($39.95)! One Price Optical (We're clearly better!)")* I've been doing all this online shopping and blog reading (the usual plus Cracked, AV Club, etc) because I've been glued to my computer studying for midterms. I've not been this overwhelmed by school since...ever. Turns out it's a lot harder if you actually care.

I do get one minor reprieve shortly--Monday I'm going to see Vampire Weekend at Bottletree, which I'm excited about. Very interested to see how they are live. I guess I'll semi find out tonight, as they're on SNL.

As you may have heard, Gary Gygax, one of the co-creators of Dungeons and Dragons, died this week. I can't decide whose tribute I like better--Penny Arcade's or XKCD's.

Bonus laugh: Go back in time to 2001 and read the comments at Mac Rumors about Apple's newly announced device--a little trifle called an iPod. Like: "I'd call it the Cube 2.0 as it wont sell, and be killed off in a short time...and it's not really functional."

And now, back to the French mines.

*I used to hear this on a Columbus (GA) radio station when I was living in my hometown. So I haven't heard it since at least the late 90s. Will it ever leave my brain? Probably not.
Sometime recently--maybe last week, I realized/admitted/realized that I have no idea what I want to do with my life. And perhaps not surprisingly, once I did that, I lost all of my fear about not knowing what I want to do with my life. And then I started figuring out things.

After I got that perfume package, I was all hyped and in a perfume haze. Then I dropped my iPod. I've dropped it uncountable times but this time it hit my perfume box, which knocked the clickwheel out of place and blah blah blah, the headphone jack is fuxx0r3d. Which I guess is okay, since the headphones broke the next day when I was using them with my old-ass Walkman. Oh and apparently the Walkman isn't working now, either. I'm like Powder with electronics, I swear. I'm already twitchy without my iPod but it's especially annoying now that I'm trying to train for a marathon.

So I called up Steve Jobs and I was all like, "HALP," and he was like, "I'm on it, Salome!" et voila. I've got one of these coming to me as well, so I don't have to worry about my iPod breaking free from my waistband and skittering across the sidewalk into the road.

Speaking of consumerism (the President has me excited about my free gubmint moneys!), I don't get a lot of the hype over Nike Dunks. Or the hype over being a hype beast for that matter. I just don't get it. Boys'll be like, "Check these new alife kicks!" or "They're adding two new colorways to the Some Sneaker collection" and I'm like, "..." I guess they feel the same way when I start throwing around words like opoponax and vetiver, though. This is all to say that I can't believe how in love I am with the new Air Jordan Force Fusion XIIs. Ohhhhhh. What is wrong with me? I can't look at that without getting just a little teary and hoping against hope that they'll make them in a teeny girl-size size. Oh and have I mentioned? I don't wear sneakers! Only when I'm running.

Speaking of the President, I saw this cartoon in the paper over the weekend and found myself wondering how we got stuck with this assemblage of (for the most part) turd sandwiches and giant douches. And then it hit me that of course, we get what we deserve.

Oolong keeps distracting me by swimming over and puffing up at...something. I think he doesn't like my microphone. He's very territorial about his side of the desk. I tossed my scarf over there when I came in the other day and I caught him puffing up at it. He continues to be awesomely weird, is what I'm saying.

I've been watching The Wire from the beginning. Oh, Wallace. I make this face at least once a day at my job, too.

Raves: Numi Monkey King Jasmine Green Tea, "Nine in the Afternoon" by PATD--I've been listening to a live version from Reading since Reading but I really like the new official version, The Wire, the horror movie Storm Warning--not perfect but Nadia Fares* kicks so much ass that she almost made me forget about that other horror movie set in Australia.

Rants: Yogi Bedtime tea--mmm toothpaste, my boring American history professor

*Look at this magnificent creature--she's not even scared at this point. More like primed for ass-kicking.
I bought a partial decant of Storyville from [ profile] dpoulsen21 and oh Lordy, was she free with the lagniappes. Besides the glory of Storyville and the testable sample of Pumpkin King I bought, she included:

1 bag Yogi Tea in Bedtime
1 bag Numi Jasmine Green Tea
1 sample Silk Road Trading Company soap in Caife Gaelach ("a holiday best--Irish coffee laced with luscious chocolate")


1 sample Aeris massage oil: lemon, verbena, orange blossom, cypress, sweetgrass, white grapefruit, and lavender
1 sample Blood Kiss: vanilla, honey, clove, cherries, vetiver, poppy, red wine and musk
1 sample Kathmandu: saffron, blessed sandalwood, Himalayan cedar and the miraculous lotus of the Buddha with chiuri bark and Nepalese spices.
1 sample Antony: green hills and grasses, resinous incense, musky leather, ambergris, frankincense, sage and basil
1 sample HAEE Sacred Earth: earthy musk, sweetgrass, sunflower, alfalfa, opiana and antique hyssop

This is amazing. I wish [ profile] start_0ver were home so we could "!!!" together.
A. Tina Fey is a sorceress! Back when this sketch aired, everyone was like, "Oh-ho-ho, what a charming farce!" And now? :-/

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I had a job interview Saturday for a position that I'm kinda excited about. I'm supposed to go back next Saturday to do some tryout massages so we'll see how it goes. The downside is, I might not be able to go on my planned NYC trip next month or may not be able to go the full time that I planned but that's okay--I've already decided that I'll try to plan a NYC trip in April if I don't get to go in March. Another downside is that I might not be able to move to San Francisco in April but tbh, I won't be able to do that anyway. The upside is, if I get this job, I'll pretty much be able to write my own check when I do move.

What will you be doing, Salome? I'm glad you asked! There's a chiropractic clinic here that's been in business for over fifty years and they want to have a massage clinic, mainly because they're tired of having to refer out their patients. So if I'm hired, I'd be in charge of the massage program and for all intents and purposes, in charge of the massage clinic, which is a separate building and business. Pretty cool, I think.

Also cool:

*I did my taxes this morning so I have that out of the way. It would be cooler if I were getting more back, of course.

*Rosa Loves is an artsy t-shirt company but they're not yr average artsy t-shirt company. They find people with stories, people who need something and they design a shirt inspired by that need. "Each story will be told through stimulating graphics and actual text that will appear on the inverse of the shirt directly in line with the heart, where the Rosa Loves movement stems from." Then they use the proceeds of each shirt to pay for the inspiration's need. So for example, sales of their Indo Made shirt will buy Made a fishing boat. Sales of their Burdened and Regrowth shirts will benefit the Coley family, a woman and her grandchildren, who lost their home to a fire.

*Paoli Nutini--I adore this boy.

*Virb--Anyone on there? Add me. If you want to be on there, I've got a few invites available. It's still so new that you can probably get whatever page name you want.

*Ice Breakers Ice Cube gum--Why is it so hard to find?

*BPAL's Neil Gaiman collection--I want Mr. Ibis and Mr. Jacquel and Mr. Nancy. Oh and Mama-Ji.

*Thinking about traveling to New Orleans

*Planning continuing education massage classes--Lomi Lomi training in Hawaii? Aromatherapy in Provence? Medical Massage certification in Costa Rica? And yes, some totally boring stuff about trade shows and taxes. I love learning.
Woohoo, good things are happening this week. First, it's about two and a half weeks until I leave, which is awesome. I should be at my usual place in Philadelphia around noonish on the 10th and then who knows what'll happen? Well, I have a good idea--gossip, giggling, and girlification. General neanderthal-being.

And then there's New York City and I hope not to get caught between the moon and it. But seriously, y'all--if you're in NY and you would like to hang out, just let me know and I'll try my best to pencil you in on my dance card. I'll be there the 12th, 13th, and 14th--leaving on the 15th morning.

Second, OMFG I finally got my click-n-ship notification for my outstanding BPAL order from April. It was due to be shipped yesterday so I'm hoping it will get here Saturday.

Lessee, what else? Oh, I've been running regularly. Unfortunately, I have some major delayed-onset muscle soreness right now. But I'm seeing results!

The Strokes's new video, for "You Only Live Once" will hit the states in five days, after those naughty Europeans get their hands on it first. Fuel your excitement by listening to the demo version of the song, called "I'll Try Anything Once." And try to keep your underpants on as I tell you what a little birdie told me--The Strokes, Eddie Vedder and Josh Homme have recorded a cover of "Mercy Mercy Me" for the B-side of the single.

And now I really must be off to bed. Later!
It occurred to me that I hadn't updated in a while. I'm just so busy constantly! And I still have not found an organizer that I like so I carry around my to-do list in my head and on very attractive scraps of paper in my purse.

I do have some free time, which I've been using to gorge on movies, thanks to someone's suggestion to go back to Netflix. I cancelled my account there after I quit the Radisson and I just never started up again but now I'm back and OMG, so good. I filled my queue in two days! And I have seen Ax 'Em (hilariously awful) and then in the giallo genre, House With Laughing Windows and Night Train Murders, both of which I thought were great. Then I saw Survive Style 5+ and it is fucking brilliant. I don't really know how to explain it. It's just madness. I will try to summarize the (five) storylines:

An artist keeps trying and failing to kill his wife, who comes back to life ready to kick his ass; a businessman and his family attend a hypnotist's show and it changes their lives in a way they never expected; a trio of young men break into houses and discover their feelings; Vinnie Jones is a hitman who asks everyone what function they serve in life; an advertising director has goofy commercial ideas but they fall flat with everyone but her (and the movie's audience)

Each story touches the other, in small and big ways, until most of them tie together at the very end in an ending that's both bizarre and completely right. It's visually amazing, drenched in oversaturated colors with fun effects. I just loved it. And I have such a crush on Reika Hasmimoto, seen below mid-kicking her husband's ass:

Besides watching movies, I've also been working on my brochure for work, which I hate because I'm doing it myself and I hate publishing programs and why won't it align right? and yarrgh.

On the other hand, I'm planning my trip for next month and I love that. I have my flight details and it's exactly like I said a while ago--arrive July 10 in Philly (to stay at my usual place, [ profile] monooka), take the train to NYC July 12, fly home (or to Atlanta) on the 15th, drive to Eufaula, get drunk with former classmates/get to see who's...let's just say "changed." I'm so excited!

Of course, before that I just need to get my train ticket, buy a new cell phone, call the Limey, go by the social security office, pick up my friends and family rate card from my old hotel, make an appointment with the lady doctor, and finish my brochure. No sweat.

I'm going to have a slawdog today and you can't stop me. P.S.: I almost bought a pair of gaucho pants the other day and I felt no shame. See, when I went to my dad's house, I was getting ready for church and I realized that the pants I intended to wear were still lying on the dryer...four hours away here at Ft. Awesome. So my dad gave me a wad of cash and told me to go buy a pair of pants at Wal-Mart. It was a weird transitional time so they didn't have any proper black dress pants--my only choices were something called "bikini pants" and palazzo pants. I chose the palazzo pants and it's just a slippery slope from them to gauchos. Luckily for...the world, I guess, the gauchos had sold out in my size.

And now, breakfast!
--While Odin, my new phone, is totally badass, I have to return him. I get little to no service around my house or even this county. Boo-urns.

--However, I did find a phone from my old carrier with the same capabilities as my current phone (camera, minibrowser, keyboard) and some new ones (mp3 player! Navigator!) so that makes me feel better. Odin 1 is cuter, though.

--It amused me to read online that "[Dental] gaps ain't sexy!" Should I share this with those misguided souls who are attracted to me and/or take me to awful horror movies?

--Just got back from the movie theater. Saw See No Evil. Eli was right--Gregory Dark should have stuck to porn. I wish I'd seen White Bunbusters instead. Or even the DaVinci Load.

--It's all quiet on the homefront: My grandmother is spending the weekend at my aunt and uncle's, my sister is out with her boyfriend, and my mother is at the new store. I'm not scared.

No, really.

--Annoyance at the theater: Big signs on the front of the ticket counters notifying that "ATM/debit cards" are accepted. Hahaha, not so fast. Once you get to the register, there is a small card announcing that they don't take cards that are branded by Interlink*. So then you get to leave the line, lose your place, go to the ATM and get back in line.

Guess who has an Interlink-branded debit card?

But it's not just me. Visa announced in a press release: Visa has also seen an increase in the number of financial institutions issuing Interlink, resulting in more than 70 million Interlink-branded debit cards in the marketplace.

*Why don't they take Interlink cards? Interlink won't allow them to charge an additional .99 fee for using a debit card. And no, they can't run it like a credit card.

--My mom is bringing home Freedomland tonight!!! I can't wait.

--Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt? Really?


--I have to go over to my mother's house now to borrow some sugar. I hope I make it back alive.

--Yay, my sister just drove in!
This has been an interesting week with some highs (myspace messaging with Eli Roth? A+++!) and few lows (so slooooow at work) but overall, it was pretty cool.


--My coworker brought her pit bull puppy to work and he's so adorable it makes my heart implode. His name is Duke and I love him.
--Tomorrow is said coworker's birfday so I braved the Galleria during the Friday after-school rush to get her something (gift card to F21) and then I picked up a bag of cookies for Duke at Just For Dogs. I love that place.
--Then I decided to pick up a little something for myself. I got a bubble tea, this and this. I was able to resist buying the I ♥ Frat Boys shirt at Hollister but it was hard.
--Did I mention myspace messaging with my new favorite horror movie director?
--Horror movies!!! I watched Land of the Dead last night (thumbs up) and now I'm watching 2001 Maniacs (just started it so jury's still out but Robert Englund, Giuseppe Andrews and a cameo appearance by a certain producer of the movie are making me happy so far)
--I may be going to a rock show tonight. If I'm not too tired, that is. I did three massages today, including a hyper-intensive stone massage and I'm kinda sleepy. But I think I'll be up to it.
--When I was driving into town (home from work), I saw a little concessions trailer in a parking lot here advertising "Ribbon Fries" and "Funnelcake" (A++++!). It was closed but I'm going to slink over there tomorrow and get my grub on.

I tried to think of non-awesomeness but I can't really think of anything worth listing and why would I want to think about it again, anyway? Yesterday is a cancelled check; your maximum point of power is now.
So today I texted one of the musos--

Me: I've been thinking of my time with [Some Band] as something with an end, the beginning of which is approaching. I now think this incorrect. If anything, this is the end of the beginning.
Muso: You can check out but you can never leave.
Me: I'm Tinkerbell to a bunch of musical Lost Boys.
Muso: I'm clapping my hands!

So that made me feel all squishy. Then one of the aestheticians came into the break room. "I was just on and The Strokes are coming."

"Buh? They're coming where?"
"Where here?"

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I'm going to see the Strokes next month! I'm also going to see Rose Hill Drive this month and 30 Seconds to Mars next month. And I might go to the Crawfish Boil. And Alabama is finally getting a Sephora next month. Whee!

After all that and four massages, I decided to go get a membership at the video store a few blocks down from work since driving to my home video store is sometimes a journey I don't feel up to taking after work (it's +20 minutes onto my regular drive). I got the distinct impression that the guy at the store was flirting with me and I was pleased to hear that he thinks that Wolf Creek sucked beyond the telling. Finding people that think that is becoming a surprisingly efficient way to make friends. That's how I found the lovely [ profile] sarahofthedead, after all. Then, he gave me my rental for free. Sweet! So now I have unrated Hostel-y goodness and oh my gosh, I'd forgotten how pretty Barbara Nedeljakova is. Also, after last month, the lines about the fannypack are infinitely funnier.

I finished Charmed Thirds today and I have to say, I don't get the bad reviews. I didn't really read the bad reviews before--I skimmed since they tend to be spoilery--but reading them now, it's seems they fall into a few categories: people who didn't want Jessica to grow up (read: have sex and/or use the f-word), girls that seem to be under the impression that Marcus is the protagonist and not J, Republicans who are emo because Jessica doesn't like them, people who think every college experience is just like theirs or who have never been to college, and the most popular, people who failed reading comprehension. "I can't believe [something that didn't actually happen in the book but thanks for playing]." It's not perfect--I don't think McCafferty should have tried to do all four years in one book, for one thing. But overall, I enjoyed it.

So in summary, hooray! Today was a good day. And now I'm going to stay in (sleeeepy) and watch horror movies!



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