• I've been exceedingly tardy in wishing happy birthdays. So very belated good wishes to [livejournal.com profile] melissa_maples and [livejournal.com profile] ladycakes.

  • If you would like to visualize me using my new spam musubi press, make sure your mental jukebox cues up "You Make My Dreams" by Hall and/or Oates first. Otherwise, you won't get the full effect.

  • Speaking of that song, I cannot wait until the soundtrack for 500 Days of Summer comes out. I do not care about the Stereogum comments about how it's "trying too hard to be indie" or how it's targeted to a certain demographic (and on the latter, hi--welcome to the world)--sometimes I just want to enjoy things.

  • Like Thou Shalt Always Kill, which contains two of my personal truths, Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry and Some people are just nice. And also, Thou shalt not put musicians and recording artists on ridiculous pedestals.

  • I am in the middle of watching Supernatural season 2 and it is quite excellent. The ending of the HH Holmes episode (the ending of the job, not the actual episode) was delicious justice. Casting Linda Blair (I just finished watching "The Usual Suspects") is also cool. I wish they could have figured out more to do with Alona Tal, though--I love her scenes with Jensen. [See here for his "REO Speedwagon?!"* face.]

  • I think I'm going to do something really wild for spring break, like hole up somewhere and write. However, I'm not sure I'll be able to get away actually, so I may pull an Al Bundy and just set up a fence around my chair.

  • Getting ready to start my Victory Garden. I think I've found the missing ingredient. It's what plants crave.

  • Stephon Marbury Embroils Celtics' Big 3 In Elaborate Shakespearean Intrigue: "Stephon told me that the other two guys hated me because I was the most talented," said Pierce, who said speaking with Marbury was beginning to make him feel uncomfortable. "He said I should beware jealousy because it was 'the green-ey'd monster which doth mock / The meat it feeds on.' But I was like, 'Stephon, first of all, Kevin is a way better player than I am.'

  • Dolphin and tiger share a moment. I love that other dolphin. "I have a ring! A ring! I have a ring! A ri--aw, screw you guys."

  • More fashion show love courtesy of Michelle Collins.

  • I was trying to find more (I am a nerd) Jefferson tees (I am a nerd) and was weirded out by the merchandise attempting to co-opt him as a neocon hero, not to mention the generally uggo designs. The best design I've seen on Zazzle so far is by someone who also sells an "Change Is Also What Germany Was Looking For in 1932" bumper sticker, which...oh, good Lord. I thought I told you to wait in the truck. And is this what font I think it is? Ugh. Oh and by the way.

    So thank you, Dutch Southern for this, which makes it all better. (Most of their shirts are pretty sweet, by the way--the Tarantino Babies are adorable.)

    I need to stop getting myself riled up before I spend all afternoon designing my own shirts. Again.

  • I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast. Forgive me--they were delicious, so sweet and so cold.

*Jo: What?
Dean: REO Speedwagon?!
Jo: Damn right, REO. Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart.
Dean: He sings it from the hair--there's a difference.
The other day I went to weed my spinach (I'm actually growing it in a flower bed; I don't know if I've made that clear before) when I saw a familiar shell:

Sadly not the silliest thing I've ever done... )

And now to completely shift gears, a collection of Rahmlinks:

I love Fake Rahm Emanuel ("So Fox News claims that the President and First Lady enjoy frequent fisting. And I thought I had a lot of access.") almost as much as real Rahm Emanuel (This is someone who once wrote in Campaign and Elections magazine that "the untainted Republican has not yet been invented" and who two years ago - according to a book about Emanuel ("The Thumpin"' by Naftali Bendavid) - announced to his staff that Republicans are "bad people who deserve a two-by-four upside their heads.")

Time.com's An Enforcer Named Emanuel

People In Washington Need To Get Over Themselves And Their Jackets: "That's right. The only guy in a suit jacket is the one most likely to go tell you to go fuck yourself." Or, in the absence of substance, "pundits" will grasp at straws to find something to criticize. ("Becky, look at her butt.")

Obama's Partisan, Profane Confidant Reins It In

Other stuff:

First, Time.com--you've got to watch your embedded links for tact. I was reading the story Iowa: What Happens When A Town Implodes and this section was jarring, to say the least: "I am very sad and worried," says Irma Lopez, 28, a former Agriprocessors worker who remains in limbo with her young daughter while her husband is back in Guatemala, one of many arrested workers deported in October after serving five months in prison. "I worked since I was 8 years old, and now I feel worthless. I can work, but I'm not allowed to." (See pictures of an Iowa steak fry.)

A ridiculously adorable six-year-old gets the best surprise ever on his birthday. That last line...gah, I think I've got something on my contact. Also heart-stoppingly adorable: The late Jane Burton's kitty photos. Don't even try to resist.


In cleaning out my new bedroom, it hasn't all been bleeding arteries. I found this wee pillow when I was cleaning out the closet and it's pretty much awesome:

I got the staples taken out about a week ago and that was great. The wound had pretty much healed but the staples were pulling divots in my skin. Now the trashcan in my bathroom no longer looks like I share a place with Anton Chigurh.

Yesterday I saw The Dark Knight and it was magnificent. Seeing it in IMAX was exactly the right decision: during every action sequence, I watched with eyes wide open like a child. (As opposed to several times during the non-action sequences when I cried like a child.) It is a masterwork, a gloriously moving epic that earns its place as a new highwater mark in comic book movies.

I was actually a little late for the movie, which technically was okay since I'd already seen the first scene online. However, I'd really wanted to see that sequence on the real big screen, if only for that first look at the Joker's face, a shit-disturbing few seconds that's scarier than any horror movie I've seen in a long time.

But don't take my word for it. You could take the word of the 94% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes if you wanted but really, see it for yourself if you want and if you don't, just pass it on. I was already anticipating the people who'd have the lack of balls to give it a bad review and by that, I don't mean people who actually disliked it or found it flawed. Rather, I mean people who just want to be contrary. All-purpose trolls, if you will. Entertainment Weekly called them pop culture bullies and I'd say that's accurate. I recognize tendencies in myself (and the internet tends both to reward and to foster those tendencies) but I've got a friend who is a textbook Insulter and let me tell you, internets--it is so tedious. Anyway, like what you want. Unless it's certain jambands.

What made the experience sublime is that I saw it at the Space and Rocket Center. After the requisite purchase of astronaut food, I was walking down the hallway to exit when I was struck by a painting on the wall.

(Enjoy my surreptitiously-taken-with-my-phone photo.)

It was done by Fred Freeman (it took me a few minutes to puzzle out that signature), who did a number of illustrations regarding space research for magazines like Collier's and who also illustrated a children's book Wernher von Braun wrote called First Men to the Moon. Unfortunately, it seems to be a task to find Freeman's art online. Even eBay had only one print. I must do some more searching. I don't know what it is about his work that I like--it just speaks to me for some reason.

Also, it was Reunion Weekend so Space Camp alumni were there, as well as the Saturn/Apollo team members who made the impossible dream of space a reality. Cheers to impossible dreams.

And speaking of things that move me, here is a video clip.. Lemme say beforehand that you may get distracted so we'll just mention it now--yes, Harrod's apparently had an Exotic Animals department. Thought about it? Okay, good.

What? I'm not crying, you're crying!
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Yesterday my mom told me a story. It was great because a) I'd never heard it before and b) it was about me, which instantly made it a lot more interesting to me. Apparently, when I was about three or four, my mother was sweeping the kitchen one day and I had a toy broom with which I was "helping" to sweep--much like I do today! My dad came home from...work, I guess, and obliviously tracked dirt into the kitchen. For some reason, I bellowed, "WE DON'T DO NASTY IN HERE!" My dad had already made it into the other room and yelled back, "What did she say?" My mother was laughing too hard to answer, especially since she had no idea where I got that phrase or wording. I have no idea. But I encourage you to adopt it as a life motto, as I have. [It serves jointly with my usual motto: "Well, my glove compartment is locked, so are the trunk in the back and I know my rights so you gon' need a warrant for that." See if I buy from those Girl Scouts again.]

Other things I endorse for life improvement include, for one, Boston terriers. Like this little guy. That is actually probably a French bulldog, but I don't know for sure. However, the Boston Terrier Club of America says: A white Boston Terrier is not a legitimate color for the breed (neither is red or blue...)...WHITE BOSTON TERRIERS ARE NOT RARE ! They are unfortunate mistakes of nature.

This is, of course, a vicious lie. Boston terriers are always awesome. THIS IS FACTUAL INFORMATION.

I just think that's a little over the top and hysterical, akin to the clockwork page that said, "If you are not a watch repairperson you have no rights or sane reason for purchasing a movement." What if I just like clockwork? "Before rocket science was a science watches were considered man’s finest most delicate machines to date." Oh, come on. I hardly think that watches are as ser--"Lower your shields and surrender your watches. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile." Well okay, then. [By the way, it tickles me that Wiki has a list of Fictional Assimilating Races.]

Speaking of rocket science, I will be viewing The Dark Knight next week at the Space and Rocket Center's IMAX theater. If I do not get launched into space, it should be awesome. At 10AM. I wonder if they have some sort of space waffles I can eat while I'm watching. The Man told me to be careful because of the possibility of IMAX theaters showing non-IMAX movies (I thought his caution was a warning about accidental space launches), but thankfully, slashfilm says: "You have to see The Dark Knight on IMAX. This is not a marketing gimmick. Six sequences and most of the establishing shots were filmed using 70mm IMAX cameras. The experience is amazingly vivid, and unlike any superhero movie you have ever seen before. It’s the difference between watching standard and High Definition. If you have the option, you must see this movie in IMAX." Alright already, I got a ticket! Apparently people are getting the message because the site also reports that "advance ticket sales are through the roof, already surpassing $2 million on IMAX sales alone, more than a week prior to opening. Over 100 IMAX shows are already sold out." Awesome.

I am very excited and based on my viewing of the first five minutes, willing to believe any of the hype concerning Mr. Ledger. The clip is crap--a video made of the theater screen--but even so and even with a mask on for most of the duration, Heath is incredible. From the way he's standing when we first see him in the clip to the last glimpse of him, it's glorious.

I have not finished scanning the next batch of family photos yet--school drama and freak but brief illness got in the way. The school drama refers to...oh, I can't get into this without being overcome with petty rage. Long story short, couldn't take test arrrgh. Protip, school: Some people may find posting information like the fact that your testing center closes to testing an hour before its posted closing time somewhat relevant. Aaaaargh. Anyway, I will try to get some done later today in between napping hopefully and getting some housework done before I go see Chris Rock.

Back to good stuff: Next year, I'll be going on an Amazon river cruise. I hate using the word "cruise," since that makes people think of like, Carnival and this is no cruiseship. We're talking a clipper here. No, not like the Cutty Sark. Basically, around 30 passengers not including crew. I don't remember how I even got the idea. I was reading something on Frommer's site and caught a reference to the trips and after reading about it, I was hooked. And that's before I found out about the peanut butter and jelly water and the pink dolphins!

See, one of the big tourist attractions in that part of the world is the "Meeting of the Waters," where the River Solimoes meets the Rio Negro to join in holy matrimony form the Amazon. The smaller rivers are noticeably different in color and so when they meet, they flow beside each other in two different colors for a bit before mixing. I dunno--to me it looks like peanut butter and jelly:

Mmm, sandwich. Then, I heard about the botos, the Amazon's pink dolphins or as they're also known, encantado, for "enchanted one." As a girly girl who may or may not have owned at least one Lisa Frank product, I was immediately interested. Then it got even better. The dolphins come with their own legend. Sy Montgomery, who has written two books about the encantados, one for children and one for adults, wrote, "They say the boto can turn into a person, that it shows up at fiestas to seduce men and women. They say you must be careful, or it will take you away forever to the Encante, the enchanted city beneath the water." She might as well have written, "DING DING DING! STUFF SALOME WILL LIKE! DING DING DING!" First, there is the Amazon river trip. Then you throw in an environmental novelty. And if that weren't enough, there are also magical dolphins? Who are pink?! I may need a lie-down. The "facts" about the encantados just kept getting better and better. Field Guide to Monsters of the World*, in noting a detail that fills me with glee, says, "Their transformation is never fully complete, however: an encantado will always have a bald spot on the top of its head where its dolphin blowhole remains. For this reason, the encantado always keeps his head covered, usually with a broad-brimmed straw hat." Absolute joy.

I think I'm going to around the end of next May. That should give me enough time to get together the necessary papers (Brazilian visa and such) and get the recommended vaccinations. Yellow fever--catch it.

"Each person who encounters an Encantado comes away from the encounter speaking a different truth, informed by dreams and ghosts and the hot, whispered breath of rain on the river. For here in the Amazon, where unfathomable tragedies collide with unquenchable desires, the most preposterous of impossibilities come true."

And if my fulfilled impossibilities don't include being knocked up by a dolphin, I will be okay with that.

*Which should really start updating again, because it's like a grown-up World Book.
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God bless you.



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